Shenmue III Will be Published By Deep Silver, Will Be At Gamescom

Fans have been anxiously awaiting Shenmue III ever since it was first announced and some major news was just revealed tonight.

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PhoenixUp519d ago

Cuz Sega couldn't be bother to publish their own IP

Ashlen519d ago

Let be fair its probably a lot more complicated than that. There are a lot of real people involved each with their own views and desires for the situation. Just some theoretical things could be Sega wanting ownership of the franchise or bad blood between two people on each side or any number of other things.

At least they got a publisher for a physical release of the game.

derkasan519d ago

My money's on bad blood. The original Shenmue cost $70 million to make - might not want to create something on that scale again, especially after how the original one sold.

_-EDMIX-_519d ago (Edited 519d ago )

"some theoretical things could be Sega wanting ownership of the franchise"

Sega still owns the IP.

I don't recall them ever selling ever.

This team is licensing out the IP from Sega. Sega is very much getting paid.

Again, I don't recall this IP EVER being sold.


What ever deal they have, is very, very likely not selling the IP to them, they likely just licensed out. I can see why Sega wouldn't want to spend money on such a concept when the Yakuza games being more popular move 500k a release.

Sam Fisher519d ago

Anywho, shenmue is going to make alot of money, just off of nostalgia and the fact yakuza is the only popular game to do the same and how many did they make already. Some people want new things but old stuff back too, sooo my bet everyone that has yakuza is gonna buy this and old fans. Those alone will make good revenue, new comers are just the bonus so. Congrats on deep silver

PiNkFaIrYbOi519d ago

Well Sega gave the rights for Shenmue 3 to Yu Suzuki so getting it funded, made, and published was all up to him. We are lucky that it is even being made and going to be released.

_-EDMIX-_519d ago

Well, they gave the license for it to be made, they did not sell the IP.

_-EDMIX-_519d ago

Maybe they don't feel it will do as good as their Yakuza series. They are getting money either way.

I think it was a fair call.

rocketpanda519d ago

Seeing as Shenmue 1 and 2's budget was astronomically high and hardly made its money back due to the average amount by of sales vs the amount by they spent on the game. $70 million was the highest for a game to be developed at that time.

Sega gave its blessing for Shenmue 3 to be funded and published by another publisher as they didn't want another situation like Shenmue 1 and 2. It's hardly a loss for Sega.

rainslacker518d ago

In this case, the dev, or publisher, payed the a license fee to publish the game....but yeah, Sega wasn't going to do it because they didn't want to.

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Prince_TFK518d ago

I hope they help bring more obscure Japanese games to the west.

RosweeSon519d ago

Hopefully pick up 1/2 as well ;)

_-EDMIX-_519d ago

That sounds like Sega will do that in-house. It wouldn't surprise me if they did a remake like you saw with Yakuza 1.

RosweeSon519d ago

I really do hope so but I just can't see it happening at moment, see it being another Goldeneye 🙄✌🏻🤓

Nesflix519d ago

I've become a fan of Deep Silver after Metro 2033. The universe they built in that game is breathtaking.

CrimsonWing69519d ago

...they um--Deep Silver only published, they didn't develop anything... I think you're talking about 4A Games.

Nesflix519d ago

Ahhh, okay. Well then ... looks like I'm a fan of 4A Games then. Thanks for clarifying.

Fist4achin519d ago

I'm looking forward to this. I hope it turns out awesome.

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