Fable II CE Cut Even Further

Mike Fahey of Kotaku writes:

"So the Fable II Collectors Edition box set has been trimmed a little, losing the five printed fate cards, the Hobbe figure, and..oh yes, the box. Still, we still get a bonus DVD with developer diaries and the full game soundtrack, right? Perhaps not."

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hitthegspot3792d ago

The only thing you get that's worth anything is the in-game extra armor and weapons.

Chuck Norris3792d ago

..all of which should have been available in the normal edition in the first place.

vitz33792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Oh wow.... HAHAHAHAHA! This is why it's my motto. "Never trust a Peter M."

and the Mayor of my town.

They all over-promise and under-deliver.

Also, LOL Kotaku isn't news.

Seraphim3792d ago

so why are they even bothering to continue offering Fable II CE? All this you'd think they'd just say to hell with it and just release the standard. Oh, yeah, all those unsuspecting fools who'll still spend the extra money thinking they're getting some cool CE only to realize they've been had. buy yeah, why even bother, just axe it altogether if you ask me.

serjdisciple3788d ago

They are dropping the price ten bucks but i still am canceling my CE and getting a reg its not worth it any more

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saucygit3792d ago

Isn't this false advertising? I paid for a specific product and they can now just say, oh well we aren't offering this. thanks for your pre-order and extra money...Well Lionhead is not going to get anymore pre-orders out of me from now on or their associates. f'n cheap if you ask me.

juuken3792d ago

It is false advertising.

SmokingMonkey3792d ago

i would be pissed if they didn't release the chimera figure and all the extras in the Resistance2 CE, but the best stuff is in game. CLOVEN

Spread Butt Cheeks3792d ago

Juuken made mad bank from twinky printing "Fat Free" on the wrong boxes. That fatass is loaded now. Still wouldn't hit it with an enemies wang though.

juuken3792d ago insult people instead of contributing to the article.
You're a true gamer alright...KEEP IT UP! :)

You are a disgrace to humanity.

Spread Butt Cheeks3792d ago

You bring it on yourself. You go around trolling 360 threads. Don't be mad at me that you're overweight.

juuken3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

And you don't troll PS3 threads as well?
Oh shut-up and get a life.
You don't know me outside of the internet so I'm not bothered by your fat jokes. :)
It just proves that you're an idiot.

juuken3792d ago

...Did your 360 crash or something?
I have some serious mental issues dude. :/

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meepmoopmeep3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

thank you DVD9


EDIT: anyway, i don't see why they're taking stuff out. wtf.
sucks for the hardcore fans who ordered the CE.

DevastationEve3792d ago

It's an anticipated title nonetheless. SO, I guess I'll just pick up the regular edition. It's still going to be a great game. Actually, I've made it my crusade to dissuade people from buying those collector's edition versions of games. It's not worth it, and you're just showing them they can gouge the prices of games even further.

meepmoopmeep3792d ago

yeah, it'll be a great game.

it just sucks for the fans that they don't get that extra stuff when it was announced.
why announce it when you're gonna take it back?

FantasyStar3792d ago

my sarcasm radar is strong in this area.

Crazywhitie3792d ago

Collectors Editions are never worth the money, It's only for the People that are diehard for that game... Madden 09 at least had an extra game even though it was crappy

KillaManiac3792d ago

Warhammer Online is the best value CE I have seen in a long time.

Most companies just try to throw a extra "making of/behind scenes" DVD on the side. Which all the basic info can be found on the internet.

I have Fable 2 preordered and will pick up day 1 along with LBP same day, but there is NO way I will be picking up CE for Fable...the Spartan Master Chief armor should of been included in the game in the first place.

BTW: I wonder when online Coop works, if your friend has CE spartan armor, can you goto his world and get it also? O_o

Aclay3792d ago

Wow, I've never seen a Limited Edition version of a game get it's contents cut out before the game released. I guess all of the extra items couldn't be ready in time for Fable 2's official release or something because I really can't think of any other reason as to why the other items would get dropped.

bouncybullet3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

It was way too much stuff for the price I think.

I love Fable but I could care less about any of that extra crap.

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