Can Microsoft Win The Holiday Season Without Crackdown 3? Possibly, Here’s How

With one of its biggest hits shoved to 2018, what's left for Microsoft to do for this holiday season? Quite a bit, actually. WWG explores.

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XiNatsuDragnel1406d ago

I can't see how Microsoft would win this holiday at all with the lack of Xbox only exclusives and expensive console. I see Sony and Nintendo claiming this holiday for exclusive games, and more... I don't see One X now being a NPD winner at all.

Abash1405d ago

I am starting to question if they even know how to move Xbox consoles at this point.

RpgSama1404d ago

They couldn't before Crackdown 3 delay, they won't now, nothing changed

OoglyBoogly1404d ago


Agreed. People act like since there's a new Xbox One X console coming out that MS, miraculously somehow, is some massively different company now where all this stuff is going to start turning around for them, people are going to start returning to the Xbox brand, etc.

Really, articles like this are a joke. There's NO WAY Xbox anything is going to "win" anything. Especially not this holiday season.

Obscure_Observer1404d ago

All this Crackdown 3 debacle is hilarious! According to fanboys, this games was a crap with Xbox 360 graphics and would be DOA. And now with the delay news, is the most important game ever! To the point that its delay will hurt (if not doom) the Xbox One X sales. Just like Scalebound that was crap game with an unlikeable character with dubsteps, then, after the cancellation, turn into the most important and interesting game on Xbox.


BlackTar1871404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

Scalebound does actually appeal to ps gamers, I would argue more so than xbox gamers. The style and everything

Now into the meat, I do somewhat agree with your premise but part of these things are due in part to the significance these titles are held in. That's more of where I think these articles are aimed from. Not a omg this is horrible but a childish aim at the few hardcore that used this as a argument fodder.

Eonjay1404d ago

Yes Crackdown was really poor looking but that wouldn't have stopped some from wanting to see crap shoved down throats. However someone at Microsoft has integrity so now the masses are saved from the corporate slaves. Microsoft should be applauded.

houyi1111404d ago

Before this E3 crackdown 3 is the next great thing on xbox and can make your console 10 times powerful with cloud... Then after E3 it become a traditional crackdown game with fun gameplay.. then it got delay becomes the game no one cares.... you see the other side of this debacle?

jwillj2k41404d ago

When you don't have games every game becomes 'the most important ever'. Same thing happened with qb, recore, Alan wake, scalebound, etc... the list goes on. to be fair it also happened with the PS3 (lair comes to mind)

rainslacker1404d ago

It's the Xbox fans who won't shut up about how the game is going to be so much fun and some who go on to say how it's going to destroy anything Sony has that caused that.

Hype for the game is disproportionate to what the game is.

CD3's delay won't hurt or help the X1X. The only people that really care about the game to begin with will likely buy an X1X anyways.

SB had a lot more potential than CD3 did IMO, and was much more interesting, and even looked and played better than what I've seen from CD3.

Sea of Thieves is being neglected by MS, and to me, outside Forza, is probably their most interesting game with a lot of potential to draw in a huge crowd.

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Bruh1404d ago

Except none of those exclusive titles will outsell those individual 3rd party titles on each platform. Nintendo will win cause their console is the best for kids and offers the most uniqueness among the 3. But the biggest games are on both systems

rainslacker1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

I don't even see that many high profile 3rd party multi-plats releasing this holiday outside the normal yearly releases and a new AC. Sony has most of those marketing rights on lock, so MS can't even show off how much better they may be on the X1X.

I doubt the OGX1 is going to pick up steam this holiday.

General uptick in sales from a new console release I'd expect, and likely, MS could win a month, or maybe two with it, but I wouldn't say it's because they suddenly have a huge influx of new users, rather a set of users who are buying in for a second time.

This holiday is rather dry all around really unless you're into the typical holiday fare.

Edit: I just went and looked up releases for this holiday, and Nintendo actually has a pretty good line up. Sony has some decent stuff in there too. MS, outside Forza, is all multi-plat outside Super Lucky Tale, and I think that is certainly going to be overshadowed by Mario and Crash. Heck, Mario + Rabbids is looking pretty fun and would overshadow it.

For those interested

Maybe it's not a complete list, I dunno,but I haven't seen a lot of hype for this holiday's releases to date as a whole. New Mario and CD3 were about the most hyped things this year for the holiday. Despite the disappointment I have with the new way GT:S is going, I still feel it's going to garner a lot of attention this holiday, so that's going to overshadow MS new "most powerful console".

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Destiny10801406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Sea of Thieves is not out till next Christmas

FallenAngel19841406d ago

Did Microsoft even have a chance to win the holiday season with Crackdown 3 in the first place

OoglyBoogly1404d ago

Yeah I don't understand why someone thought this in the first place.

I'd love to know why people all of a sudden care so much about this game. No one after the first one seemed to even care about the series and even then the first wasn't some huge success.

So yeah, while Crackdown 3 being delayed sucks for those who have been waiting it's hardly going to affect MS or Xbox's bottom line at the end of the day.

Bruh1404d ago

It'll be
1. Switch
2. PS4
3. Xbox One

The One X is way too expensive and the PS4 will drop price while the Switch will get Holiday bundles

Chevalier1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

PS4 will get bundles too, COD, Star Wars, Destiny alone will shift a lot. A Crash or Uncharted bundle will do would too. Fifa bundle in Europe will shift a ton too and if GT gets one too it will destroy sales. If there is a price drop goes along with those bundles I doubt PS4 being outsold. So I would say most likely.


Would be the most likely order of sales. Considering Playstation moves about 7-8 million every Christmas, I doubt even the Switch could overcome that.

rainslacker1404d ago

Some people acted like it.

Otherwise, no, not really. Unless Terry Crews is really that influential.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1406d ago

New games won't be pushing sales of the Xbox One this year. The Xbox One X has very niche target audience. MS can only have a strong holiday, by relying on strong bundles.

Chevalier1403d ago

What bundles can they really do?

Sony has Destiny, COD WW, Star Wars BF2 and Fifa 18. If they do Crash, Uncharted and GT (even for Europe only for GT) and anything Xbox tries is meaningless.

Switch already has Splatoon 2 and if the do Mario Rabbids, Mario Oddysey, Mario Kart or Zelda will do extremely well.

Xbox released Halo Wars 2 ( which sold terribly ) and pretty sure they will try Forza 7 bundle. What else after that? Super Lucky Tales? Assassin Creed Origins maybe? Maybe Shadow of War? None of those will come close to what their competitors are offering.

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