FFXIII Rumored To Be Announced At TGS Next Week For Xbox 360 Japan

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "I've received a few rumors from unknown tipsters on the interwebs that Microsoft will be making an announcement at TGS regarding the availability of FFXIII in Japan for the Xbox 360."

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thor4435d ago

It seems silly that they WOULDN'T release it on 360 in japan, I mean it's not like it takes any extra effort. They're making it in japanese, then they're porting it so they'll have a japanese language version anyway. I was always baffled as to why it was to be PS3 exclusive in japan.

Anyway could this be 360's biggest announcement at TGS? Seems like, to me, after all the whining of 360 fanboys that PS3 had "no games", PS3 has pretty much ALWAYS had more AAA exclusives than 360 and now PS3 owners are being bombarded with new game announcements and new games, whereas 360 owners get to look forward to a couple of exclusive games and multiplat announcements.

360 has 2 AAA exclusives as of today - count them
PS3 has
Wipeout HD

Omega44435d ago

Im not sure how you class a AAA game but by the looks of it if its a PS3 exclusive you think its AAA

360 got more AAA exclusives than the PS3 you know it and everyone and their mother knows it so i suggest you shutup

As for Square Enix, they would lose ALOT of crediablity if they did this, since they would of just outright lied to everyone, but this wouldnt be the first time...

gijose4435d ago

warhawk and wipeout HD you count as AAA exclusives??? even uncharted i'd hesitate to call a AAA exclusive... (great game tho)

uncharted 88 metacritic
wipeout hd 87
warhawk 84

ps3 does have some hopeful AAA exclusives on the horizon though.

SullyDrake4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

We all know that the true FF fans will be getting this on PS3, where it'll look and perform better, and be on one disc instead of 4.

thor4435d ago

LOL you honestly believe the hype, review scores and general fanboy wailing about which are AAA games? Warhawk and Wipout HD for me are AAA games. I've probably enjoyed those games more than any other game I've played. So yes I counted them on that list. I saw the wikipdedia list of 360 exclusives and actually wondered what games everybody was talking about when they said 360 had more games than PS3. Can anybody enlighten me?

Blakzhuk4435d ago

Since when does a game that's lead on the PS3 look and play better than the 360?

Let me smoke some of that pipedream of yours.

meepmoopmeep4435d ago

but then you have to wonder,

FF:AC Complete is coming exclusively on Blu-ray with a 2hr long demo of FFXIII

what's the point, MS?

juuken4435d ago

Blakzhuk, is there something wrong with Thor believing those games to be AAA titles?

He played the games so he should be able to judge for himself whether it's AAA status or not.

Xi4435d ago

I'd call kameo, crackdown, forza, halo 3, gears of war, mass effect, viva pinata, lost odyssey, pgr4, dead rising, AAA games by that logic. So then you're clearly wrong about the number of AAA titles on the 360. Hell I'd even consider braid and too human AAA title. If you're going to subjectively choose which titles to name AAA games then what demarcation are you using to determine it?

thor4435d ago

3 of the games you listed aren't exclusives. 2 I counted already (Forza 2, Halo 3), Kameo I've never heard of, from what I've seen/heard of lost odyssey it doesn't look AAA though I might be wrong there ;) Crackdown was only even played by many people to get the halo 3 beta. That leaves PGR4 and Viva Pinata. OK so the 360 has 4 AAA exclusive titles. I listed 4 right there for the PS3. So the 360 has more games? Someone show me where they are.

zethos564435d ago

thor you're a hypocrite. You call games like Uncharted and Warhawk AAA exclusives because you've played them. But you call the 360 exclusives AAA based on reviews alone

Bladestar4435d ago

"We all know that the true FF fans will be getting this on PS3, where it'll look and perform better, and be on one disc instead of 4." considering the fact that many of us followed Final Fantasy since it was first introduced in the Nintendo platform... your comments is a very dumb one... True fans will buy the console that have Final Fantasy... so, if this game is indeed coming to the xbox 360... then... people that already have a 360 do not have to waste money on a PS3 to play the game... and people without game consoles... can just buy a xbox 360 core and save a ton of money instead of buying a PS3... So, no matter how you spin it... this translate very well to Microsoft and the xbox 360.

power of Green 4435d ago

Sounds like paranoid & confused jibberish.

There are lists all over the web that rebuke your nonsense comment on what you call AAA's lol.

Xi4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

very good job... I think those titles are AAA and therefore they are. That was your argument, and thats mine too. I've never heard of it? From what I've hear/seen of it? those are your arguments against kameo and lost odyssey, not knowing and and reviews, bit hypocritical me thinks. Crack down was a great game, whether or not people played it for the halo 3 beta. I could bash all those titles you listed but there'd be no point.

You're saying the games you like are AAA, I'm saying the games I like are AAA, we're both at an impass and neither of us are right.

leyego4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

100% AGREED with Bladestar
y the hell would u buy a ps3 for FF13 if u already have an xbox and its on that platform. no matter how many discs it is it wont matter (refers to the ps days where most ff games were more then 1 disc).

also don't forget tales of, LO, and starocean.
right now the xbox looks way better then the ps3 if ur a die hard pop jrpg fan.
u get ur pop jrpgs, and low price point.

that being said, if MS does announce FF13 for japan then SE will lose credibility. For they said no FF13 on xbox in japan. well w/e no skin off my nose, i still get it so i don't care.

BUT ffv13 and if KH3 is ps3 exc, then sony might make a HUGE dent in the jap market.

games games games. give us the games and we will come. something MS, Sony, and Nintendo are dumb this gen.

thor4435d ago

My apologies Xi.
But 3 of the games you listed aren't exclusives even still.
And the similarity in the number of great games on either system means the"fewer games for -- system" argument is unwarranted.

4435d ago
beoulve4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

no surprise there. Fanboy's asside, why wouldn't they. They have the thing ported to XBOX 360 already. They don't even need to localize it, since it's in Japanese in beginning.

Seriously.. Why wouldn't they. In business sense, It's a good move. First you get money from microsoft, second you get to sell your franchise better.

meepmoopmeep4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )


i agree with you, it's a smart business decision to do that.
i have no clue why it wasn't a day one thing.

but my comment above makes a lot of sense.
it's a futile effort, especially in JPN


it's like saying if Halo was multi-plat.
was exclusive in NA for a moment on 360
and a huge most loved Halo movie was coming
exclusively on a disc format that only plays on
the 360 with a 2hr long demo and beta
of the next Halo.

then Sony announces later that it will be releasing the same Halo
game day in and day out with the 360.

SkyGamer4435d ago

I really don't understand why sony fans insist that their ps3 is light years ahead of the X360 and yes some are even delusional in thinking that the ps3 is better than a "Gaming PC."

True the cell has higher top speed but remember that it is still a single core processor that has to wait for each instructions. People forget that the cpu in X360 is triple-core not single like the cell and there is dual thread EACH core. So where as the cell has 7 to work with, the X360 has 6 to work with. To each it's strength and weakness. I will hand it that blu-ray is awesome for movies. For gaming, cmon. Why is it such a big deal to change out disks once in awhile? Are we that lazy that we can not walk up to the console and swap out a disc which takes a whopping 15-20 seconds including the loading of it? Now the graphics card. The Xenos is way better than the stripped down 7800. 10 MB embedded eDRAM and access to 512 MB Ram with Unified Shader Architecture. Remember when nvidia downplayed UA saying it was more difficult and how much later did they release their card with UA?

You talk to anyone who dabbles in computers even with the basic knowledge and they will tell you that for GAMING, a decent cpu but a good gpu is WAY better than a strong cpu and weak gpu. True I guess you can load office a whopping 2-3 seconds faster but then last time I checked, it was supposed to be a games console.

Bottomline is that they can easily port from ps3 to X360 and release it both simultaneously.

AMD Phenom X4 9850 Black Ed.
8GB OCZ sli Dual Channel PC6400
GeForce 9600GT Gaming Ed.
Asus M2n-Sli
500GB WD Caviar
250GB Seagate
Bunch of 120mm fans. Is a little loud at first. Who am I kidding, sounds like a jet engine.
Bunch of other useless stuff.

Spank all three consoles like a re#-haired-Ste#-Chil#.

gaffyh4435d ago

@gijose - Metacritic scores do not equal AAA e.g. Halo 3 90+% on Metacritic, and the game is actually rubbish. GTA4 got like 98% on metacritic and again it is a boring pile of crap that was hyped up so much by MS so everyone gave it very high scores.

btw, if you'd actually played WipEout HD and Uncharted, you'd know that they are actually fantastic, they are probably the best looking console games available.

I agree Warhawk isn't AAA though, but it is ok.

gaffyh4435d ago

With regards to these rumors:

"Rumor #1: One rumor is that the Asian version of the game will work on all Asian regions, including Japan. It is also rumored that there will be no Japanese language version of the Asian game, but there will be Japanese subtitles.

Rumor #2: The second rumor that I received is that Microsoft is paying for a full Japanese port of the game to be launched in Japan with the Playstation 3 version."

Rumor #1 - Why? When they have the Japanese language track already recorded, why on earth would they put Japanese subtitles only??? (possible)

Rumor #2 - Pretty much impossible, because Square Enix have said a million times "The PS3 version will be completed first, the 360 version has not even been started yet".

AAACE54435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

It seems crazy that MS would put so much effort into establishing a relationship with Square/Enix, only to have FFXIII release in Euro and NA! Especially when they are trying so hard to attract the japanese market. And what better way can you think of other than to have FFXIII release on 360 in japan?

I believe it is the main reason MS has aquired more RPG's for the 360, to show that the japanese will buy a 360 if it provided games they wanted to play. Basically telling SE... "If you build it... They will buy!" LOL!

"IF" it does come to 360 in japan, it will probably be a timed release, coming out a few months after the Ps3 version! I don't see any way Sony would let the japanese version slip through their fingers like the NA and Euro version did! But if it did... we would be shocked together!

@Bladestar... I have to agree! The main reason I wanted to pick up a Ps3 was for FFXIII! Now that it is coming to 360... I can wait a little longer.

4435d ago
RememberThe3574435d ago

I honestly don't want this game anymore... It's freaking pathetic...

cherrypie4435d ago

" I was always baffled as to why it was to be PS3 exclusive in japan"

Sony paid them for exclusivity perhaps -- a pre-existing contract perhaps? No matter, i agree. SE would **not** choose **less income** by not selling FXIII in Japan unless Sony was paying them for it.

It is 100% illogical. Sony must be paying for it -- or, perhaps this rumour is true.

cherrypie4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )


The old "multi-disc" argument eh? There are two EXCELLENT REASONS why it DOESNT MATTER.

#1) You have to change discs after MANY MANY hours of gameplay. For instance, I changed each disc **only once** for Blue Dragon for the over 100 hours I played it. If you sat down, and only played games for *days* (without leaving to sleep, eat or work/school) youd *STILL* change the discs after 25+ hours.

#2) NXE allows pre-loading making even #1 pointless.

You == epic fail.

"Since when does a game that's lead on the PS3 look and play better than the 360? Let me smoke some of that pipedream of yours. "

Exactly 100% correct.

And, then we see: "Agree(12) | Disagree(28)"

Which shows just how desperate, sad and out-of-touch this forum is. There hasnt been a PS3 multi-plat outperform the Xbox 360 version *yet*. Please, anyone name a title that contradicts this. Its sad that you people cannot accept reality. Stop believing the marketing/hype -- it is not true.

LeSouteneur4434d ago

If it is, it'll be timed exclusive, since once they're done with the PS3 version, that's when they start work on the 360.

DaTruth4434d ago

Sony said that they don't pay for exclusives. That's the reason so many slipped through their fingers. The reason to not put out a Japanese 360 version is cause there's like ten 360's in all of Japan.

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ape0074435d ago

here comes the big fight

I wonder when fanboys gonna wake up from this long,endless nightmere

Itsallfunandgames4435d ago

Miyamoto is mario games. Hideo Kojima is Metal Gear Solid. CliffyB is Gears of war. Hironobu Sakaguchi is Final Fantasy games. Look up Hironobu Sakaguchi on wikipedia. You will see that he is the creator of the series, and many other things. He was the director of FF, FF2, FF3, FF4, FF5. He then was the producer of FF6, FF7, FF tactics, Parasite Eve and FF9. He ws the Executive producer of FF8, PE 2. He had the original concept for FF, FF2, FF$, FF5, FF6, FF7, FF9 and PE. He was the supervisor for Chrono Trigger even. You can read about why he even named the series final fantasy. But guess what? He is not affiliated with FF13!! He now makes games exclusive to xbox 360 like blue dragon and Lost odyssey Which are he real FF13 and 14.

4435d ago
INehalemEXI4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

@Itsallfunandgames, Yes hes the father of FF. One man did not make FF alone though it was a team of brilliant people.

IMO Lost Odyssey is not the true FF13. There where no Summons for 1 thing and that ticked me off. To many irratating puzzles in wrong moments of the game and it was made using Unreal Engine 3.... What was up with the thousand years dreams too. Reading a book is not what I had in mind when popping the game in. Sure I could skip those but then I feel like the story is incomplete. Character designs where lame too IMO. Did it have FF Mythology ? Did it have Crystals? Mmmhmmm not Final Fantasy.

It does have a good story though. Good luck to Hironobu Sakaguchi, and Mistwalker on there next project.

TOO PAWNED4435d ago

What ever. Since they announced it for USA/EU, i could not care less if they also announce it for Japan, i just hope this isnt MS big announcement since if you ask me it is pathetic and Sony will crush them with something that will come out of those 11 unknown games for PS3.

It was smart from Sony to invest in their first party games, now i see brilliance of Sony folks clearer then ever. Like they said most of 3rd party will go multi plat and what is going to make difference is who has stronger firstparty/2nd party lineup and this is where Sony dominates, be ready to be blown away at tgs 08.

hay4435d ago

I parially agree with you.
Announcment of FF13 x360 in Japan would pretty much damage Square's liability(in eyes of even more fanboys). I have a feeling that Square is Japanese EA. Either way, FF13 is still pretty far away from us.

Saigon4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

there nothing more to say...

seriuosly look at everything that is going on...since this generation staterted analysist have been predicting that first party games will be key to this generation...and they are right...and sony hands down is wipeing the floor with this prediction...look at the pipeline of first party games for sony compared to MS and tell me which company has the ablity to outshine the other...

bot...because of the situation now i can care less if this happens at won't be big news...and i hope that is not ms's ace...because sony having 11 unnanounced games that will be shown (some of them have been already slipped past the radar and they look good)i truly would be worried if i was MS...see what having a first party dev house does...they are number 3 biggest dev house for a reason...

Fishy Fingers4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Ha, Id be more interested in the thread after the announcement than the news itself. I live in England. England get's the game Wooo!

A lot of people have insisted on it's exclusivity though. Oh and...

"I’ve received a few rumors from unknown tipsters"

Usually mean's pulled form there ass. What would be a good headline this week...?

heyheyhey4435d ago

yeah i figured as much... seems a bit pointless NOT releasing it in Japan

it doesn't matter if the 360 does well between now and release, Square are working on a Japanese-dub anyway and it they chose to make it for the 360 too, why not release it in Japan? unless Sony had some kind of deal with Square which is HIGHLY doubtful

it's just a shame though that the 360 won't be around in Japan for anyone to buy it on the system, it will be dead around early 09 when the PS3 Advent Children bundles with the FF13 demo release... after being weakened by WKS, Demon Souls, Way of the Samurai 3, Yakuza 3, Kingdom Hearts 3 etc etc... and probably some kind of price cut

nieto24435d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3? KH3 it's not even in pre-production stage...

heyheyhey4435d ago

be that as it may (it could be in Alpha for all you know), im sure Famitsu will get the message across that KH is PS3 exclusive and the Japanese will know it...

zimbo0074435d ago

But anyway x360 will be pretty much dead by the time of FF13's launch in Japan

so a useless effort i must say

Veryangry_bot4435d ago

MGS4 rumors all over again.

Look, game is not coming to the 3rd60 in Japan. This is a PROVEN FACT. Even MS has admitted it wont come out in Japan for the 3rd60.

People just cant let it go, its like they want to see flying dogs.

Stryfeno24435d ago

Veryangry_bot and zimbo007 are NASIM.

How many accounts do you have?

TheMART4435d ago

Sure sure haihaihai

The Russians have nuked your brain.

heyheyhey4435d ago

what? again you are making no sense MART...

...and judging by the lame joke, i presume you have nothing on my post

which isn't a surprise, everyone that's read this knows im right- i forgot to add Sony's 11 new TGS games

Pain4435d ago


DavidMacDougall4435d ago

Another bot has a mental break down because of RROD ,he should have bought a ps3 ......but hes to poor

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