Games for Lunch Review: Mister Slime

Kyle Orland writes:

"0:00 Truth be told, I added this game to my GameFly queue based almost solely on the title. To me, the name hearkens back to the NES days, where a title like "Mister Slime" was descriptive enough, dagnabbit!

0:01 Jump directly to a simple title screen with bouncy, slightly mysterious music. The options screen has a setting for "Sensitive" or "Normal" microphone reception. Bad sign. Selectable difficulties are Easy and Normal. Doesn't that make Normal "Hard"?

0:03 "Lost within the confines of the universe, there exists a world inhabited by strange and fascinating creatures." The Slimes and the Axons are at war over the planet's resources. Every 40 years there are "ritual battles." The music has somehow gotten bouncier.

0:04 "Slimy! Still daydreaming! The Axons could attack at any moment," says a girl slime to our Mr. Slime. These little green blobs have three stretchy arms sticking out at odd angles from their amorphous, 2-D bodies.

0:06 Well, it's ... unique, I'll give it that. I actually have four arms, and I can tap little on-screen anchors to reach out and grab them. Then I tap my other arms to let go and slink around the level. I can stretch for faraway anchors, too. Seems like it would be a bit of an annoying way to get around, in real life."

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