New Killzone 2 shots show off amazing ground textures

Three new Killzone 2 screenshots have surfaced on the Internet this morning, one of which shows off the impressive work Guerilla Games has done to provide amazingly realistic ground textures.

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C_SoL3790d ago

But ya this game pretty much proves the PS3's potential in making hella sweet graphics.

MaximusPrime3790d ago

you are probably referring to xbox 1. Xbox 360 is slightly better

SullyDrake3790d ago

And that's not even pushing it.

marinelife93790d ago

Simply Beautimus!

4 SPE's FTW!

shazam3790d ago

relief map shaders ftw

himdeel3790d ago

...absolutely ridiculous!! They put any more elbow grease and shine on this game and I might have to get my eyes check then buy a new pair of glasses all just so I can fully take in an appreciate all the awesomeness assaulting my visual cortex.

eagle213790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Haters be damned! :)

Only on PlayStation....

SnprSlick3790d ago

C Sol

That isn't how you /facepalm.... /facepalm

rosebowl233790d ago

i dont care what anyone says. i have a top of the line gaming PC and this game looks better than crysis

DaTruth3790d ago

Check off another complaint from the haters.

ground textures:checkarooney

INehalemEXI3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

@ rosebowl23 Im feeling the same way after peeping those shots.

I lol @ -> ground textures:checkarooney

MNicholas3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

The best textures in a console game have been in Uncharted and some scenes of MGS4 and this blows those away. Is it technically possible? Yes, if they store textures in the high speed XDR memory, use Cell to compress textures and stream them directly RSX's oversized cache, but Guerrilla Games has such a complex and unusual engine already I doubt they would have been able to implement that technology so effectively this early in the life-cycle.

Ateanboy3790d ago

This is the 3rd time that Killzone 2 screenshots leave me speechless. I really don't know what to say. It's like every few months it just CONTINUES to get better and better...

What they showed at E3 that first time they announced it, it blew me away. When they said that it was only a pre-alpha build, I didn't believe them... I just couldn't believe that what I had seen was pre-alpha... A year later, I realize how wrong wrong wrong I was.

And they still have plenty of months to polish.

February can't come soon enough.

shazam3790d ago

wow your actually doubting that killzone 2 is real time thats pretty sad.

ShinMaster3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

PS3= 512MB XDR RAM (256x2)
CELL processor streams as much RAM as the RSX GPU needs, since the CELL B.E. is powerful enough on its own.

Total RAM used:
X360= 428MB RAM

INehalemEXI3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

ps3 ram
256 MB XDR Main RAM @3.2GHz -CPU

Only 1 chunk is XDR, The GPU/RSX can access both chunks the Cell is limited to the XDR.

512 MB GDDR3 RAM @ 700 MHz DDR
Unified architecture


Both machines are capable of procedural Texturing as well.

So I expect to eventually see some sweet textures despite not having 2-4GB of RAM in the consoles.

Dareaver13790d ago

nice correction, don't know why 360 is being brought up in this post, especially in such false pretenses. I hate seeing people trying to drop information as being factual, when it's not.

Bubbles for the honesty and correction. Game does look awesome. Hope to see some more ingame vids from the developers or websites.

MNicholas3790d ago

I said I doubt these screen-shots are from actual real-time game-play because the textures are of unprecedented quality, even exceeding games like Uncharted and MGS4, the previous high-points in console graphics.

I also said that the PS3 is perfectly capable of it.

However, the 360 has never displayed such high quality textures and due to limitations in available CPU cycles and CPU cache, the lack of CPU bandwidth and the fact that it has only 16 texture units in the GPU are reasons why it is probably impossible to achieve that quality in the 360.

ash_divine3790d ago

wait... so you're saying just because the 360 can't do it and because PS3 games before it haven't done it, that these can't possibly be game-play? great logic, dude.

dude, it's gameplay, get over it. I mean, games get better over time right? it's progession and this no different.

PS: if you factor in the length of the development cycle and the budget, there should be no doubt that these are screens of gameplay.

Dareaver13790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

why do you constantly talk about the 360 in PS3 threads, only to try and downplay it's tech....

"The PS3 has 22.4 GB/s of GDDR3 bandwidth and 25.6 GB/s of RDRAM bandwidth for a total system bandwidth of 48 GB/s.

The Xbox 360 has 22.4 GB/s of GDDR3 bandwidth and a 256 GB/s of EDRAM bandwidth for a total of 278.4 GB/s total system bandwidth. (whether you like the edram or not, its there and has a presence, don't be like everyone else and try to count it out as a crutch, if the developer wants to use it in this aspect, they have the right to.)

Why does the Xbox 360 have such an extreme amount of bandwidth? Even the simplest calculations show that a large amount of bandwidth is consumed by the frame buffer. For example, with simple color rendering and Z testing at 550 MHz the frame buffer alone requires 52.8 GB/s at 8 pixels per clock. The PS3's memory bandwidth is insufficient to maintain its GPU's peak rendering speed, even without texture and vertex fetches.

The PS3 uses Z and color compression to try to compensate for the lack of memory bandwidth. The problem with Z and color compression is that the compression breaks down quickly when rendering complex next-generation 3D scenes.

HDR, alpha-blending, and anti-aliasing require even more memory bandwidth. This is why Xbox 360 has 256 GB/s bandwidth reserved just for the frame buffer. This allows the Xbox 360 GPU to do Z testing, HDR, and alpha blended color rendering with 4X MSAA at full rate and still have the entire main bus bandwidth of 22.4 GB/s left over for textures and vertices.

Given the Xbox 360 GPU's multithreading and balanced design, you really can't compare the two systems in terms of shading operations per clock. However, the Xbox 360's GPU can do 48 ALU operations (each can do a vector4 and scalar op per clock), 16 texture fetches, 32 control flow operations, and 16 programmable vertex fetch operations with tessellation per clock for a total of 48*2 + 16 + 32 + 16 = 160 operations per cycle or 160 * 500 = 80 GOps per second."

See i can do data and spec dumping too. I'm starting to wonder if you really know everything you are talking about. No matter what these spec sheets say, most of this is theoretical performance that only exist in an extremely controlled environment. Real world performance is a lot less. Stop with the random half informed 360 tech. We can see your preference in PS3, talk about the games.

The gameplay vids of late of KZ2 have been impressive. The graphics look awesome. No need to talk about or talk down the 360 in that regard. All it shows is some level of fanboyism. Be the bigger man then if someone flames and says either "the 360 can do it", or "the 360 is not capable of doing it". It doesn't matter, your not the dev so you won't know.

Enjoy the game details and come February, we all will see what the game can do.

MNicholas3790d ago

"This is why Xbox 360 has 256 GB/s bandwidth reserved just for the frame buffer. This allows the Xbox 360 GPU to do Z testing, HDR, and alpha blended color rendering with 4X MSAA at full rate and still have the entire main bus bandwidth of 22.4 GB/s left over for textures and vertices."

1) The 256GB/s is essentially bandwidth that's internal to the GPU. It is not system bandwidth. It is purely for the one part of the GPU to have write-only access to another part of the GPU. On the other hand, all the bandwidth numbers for the PS3 are actual read/write bandwidth to system or video RAM.

2) The 360 cannot perform Z testing, HDR, and alpha blended color rendering with MSAA at HD resolutions or 60fps. For a good contrast with the PS3, check out GT5:Prologue.

3) 22.4 GB/s bandwidth is insufficient for truly high quality graphics since data for each frame has to go in and out multiple times between CPU and GPU through that narrow shared pipe. It's these kinds of bottlenecks that have resulted in the plateauing of 360 graphics. Let's be clear, laptop memory architecture is not suitable to high performance computing/gaming. High performance machines like the PS3 and top of the line gaming rigs use discrete memory pools.

MNicholas3790d ago

I am simply saying that I don't expect this quality so early in the PS3's life-cycle. I expected something like this to come later.

andyo133789d ago

those arent simple textures

Dareaver13789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

your lucky i had to go to work. You come on here as if you are a 360 or PS3 dev, when you are not. All you can do is make assumptions and read peoples posts on Beyond3d when they are not always right.

I'll trust MS's stats and specs before yours any day. Same as for the PS3, what ever Sony says, goes. None of the information i gave was incorrect. So that means you are wrong.

If what Sony says is true, then what MS says is also true. Stop being such a fanboy hypocrite. It really shows your true colors and lack of rational and objective thinking. And then you throw in information to twist the argument to your side. Did i say at what frames per second the 360 can do Z testing, HDR, and alpha blended color rendering with MSAA . Here's the answer to that, and it's NO. And last time i checked 720p was HD, so i don't know what you are talking about.

If you can't understand that none of these consoles can perform up to the specs stated on their respective spec sheets, then you are delusional and i have overestimated your competency. Those specs were generated in an ideal simulated environment. The 360 is capable of producing 500 million triangles per second, but they would be devoid of color and pixels. Pretty useless don't you think. No real world application for that, right? They are both stripped down In Order Execute chips of their counterparts.

Stop with the nonsense, last time you had the audacity to come on N4G and say the 360 can't do FP16, when that was in fact a lie. Now you want to spread more drivel.

Here's a hint, get out of the spec sheets and start appreciating the games for the art that they are. The fact that you keep bumbling on with inaccurate information is dangerous, if it's not sourced from a developer or MS/Sony's sites then you probably shouldn't come on here regurgitating that information.

Game on....

Less spec sheet talk, more game talk

Again, KZ2 looks awesome, come February (Hopefully i have a PS3 by then) we all will be able to play this game.

Dareaver13789d ago

"In order for this to be possible developers would need to setup their rendering engine to take advantage of both the EDRAM and the available onboard 3D logic. If anyone is confused why the 32GB/s is being multiplied by 8 its because once data travels over the 32GB/s bus it is able to be processed 8 times by the EDRAM logic to the EDRAM memory at a rate of 256GB/s so for every 32GB/s you send over 256GB/s gets processed. This results in RSX being at a bandwidth disadvantage in comparison to Xenos. Needless to say the 360 not only has an overabundance of video memory bandwidth, but it also has amazing memory saving features. For example to get 720P with 4XFSAA on traditional architecture would require 28MB worth of memory. On the 360 only 16MB is required. There are also features in the 360's Direct3D API where developers are able to fit 2 128x128 textures into the same space required for one, for example. So even with all the memory and all the memory bandwidth, they are still very mindful of how it’s used."

See that, the edram still contributes to the overall bandwidth, so if you are talking about total system bandwidth, CPU and GPU, then you have to include the Edram. You keep trying to downgrade the 360 tech by trying to separate it's parts, when the whole premise behind it is that it's a unified architecture. You really can't compare it to the PS3 because they clearly have gone different routes in architectural design.

And then you try to throw in the whole unified memory and laptop argument. Console are specialized hardware. Is In-Order Execution CPU's great? The answer is no, you will never see that in a regular computer. But it's utilized in consoles. So your whole point is? Save your similarities with computers and gaming rigs for someone else. You won't win me over with that lame excuse.

I do apologize to the true KZ2 and PS3 fans. It's just that i can't stand when people try to mislead others. Especially, when it's not even needed. This post is about KZ2.

I really do apologize

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thor3790d ago

Shame the game takes place in the same setting the whole way through. You know it does, because otherwise they would have shown something else to counteract the "it's too grey" arguments. It IS too grey. The environments will not change significantly. We can see this by the "variety" of MP maps and what they've decided to show us.

Multiplayer, from what I've heard, is apparently really fun. Single player has been called "average" by many sites, and though I put this mostly down to PS3 hate and wanting to say something other than "OMG teh grafix", I believe there must be some truth to what they are saying. Unless there is more depth and innovation to the game other than running around the same environments shooting the same enemies (I don't have much hope for the script or storytelling either), I can see the SP campaign as a mediocre affair.

Aclay3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Guerrilla has said that there will be some areas in Killzone 2 that will show off Helghan's "Natural Beauty", so I wouldn't say that the game will have the same color tone throughout, but even if it does have the same color scheme throughout, I don't care because that's the way Guerrilla wanted to make the game and that's the way Helghan is... Helghan is like a Hostile Wasteland and adding too much color would ruin that feel for the game.

The Grey tone in the game gives it a much more "grittier" feel in my opinion and I think the color tone works perfectly with pulling off the correct mood/tone in the game that Guerrilla was going for..

I'm a Killzone fan and have been since the first Killzone on the PS2 and could care less what the critics have say because Killzone 2 just looks freakin' amazing and both the Single Player and Multiplayer look like loads of fun. February 2009 couldn't come soon enough.

I only wish more 3rd party developers working on Multiplatform games would push the PS3 like this because if so there wouldn't be any need for PS3 v.s. Xbox 360 comparison videos.

Violater3790d ago

Yes they should show the whole game months before release.


juuken3790d ago

Well said Aclay, well said.

Harry1903790d ago

Thor is an insider.He already completed the game. Quick Thor, enlighten us with your knowledge. Tell us more about the 'same' environment you went through. Sometimes, it's good to not say anything.

Homicide3790d ago

ROFL! GG only showed us like 2 different levels.

nanometric3790d ago

One word dude- MGS4

I remember fanboys calling MGS4 gfx as all piss green or something like that, that all the game would look like this, never realizing the fact that all Kojima shoved was just the first act. And guess what, MGS4 had ton of different environments- Eastern urban, Jungle, Snow, City urban... I bet Killzone2 is the same way, so let's not jump to conclusions, shall we Mr.Fanboy ;)

rbanke3790d ago

Isnt that complaint kind of like complaining that Toy Story was too colorful? 300 was too grainy and gritty, or Pleasantville was too black and white for most of it. Just like movies, games are also subject to artistic styling. The style of Killzone suggest a rugged wartorn, wasteland of a planet. So, seeing a bunch of pretty roses and green trees probably wouldnt fit.

Yipee Bog3790d ago

what about gears, o wait you got to fight on a train.... my bad

Time_Is_On_My_Side3790d ago

With the "too grey" comments by the critics I think was due to the fact it is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Gears of War, Alone in the Dark, and Silent Hill: Homecoming all have a lot of greys. Especially with Silent Hill with that orange colour that is always displayed in the game.

The popular game Dead Space will be another game that will have a lot of greys. To me it makes no sense why it only comes up with Killzone 2 when Killzone 1 a lot of the similar colour schemes?

thor3790d ago

I am basing my opinions on previews I have read. Now, the way to spot a bad preview, that's not really showing the author's true impressions, is to see whether they
1) List the things that happen in the game
2) List what they thought of the game
If it's more of the former, with possible descriptive words like "then there was an awesome explosion", the preview is deliberately putting the game in a positive light for whatever reason. So I don't trust it. Most of the positive previews (regarding the SP campaign) have been this way. Most other previews have said the game is "solid", or words to that effect. So that's what I expect. But I've played "solid" FPSs before. I've played better than "solid".

The MP maps are usually based upon the SP campaign. There are 8 maps in MP, this has been confirmed. I have seen at least a thumbnail for each one, and a video in some cases. ALL take place in an area that looks like the ones we have seen. ALL of them. This leads me to believe that the SP campaign will also lack variety of environments.

The MP is apparently really fun, I've not played it, so I don't know. I like the idea of multiple game types within a round, I like the idea of primary and secondary classes. I dislike the lack of maps (even socom maps come in 2 versions, resistance 2 is slated to have >70 map layouts yet killzone 2 comes with only 8 maps) and the lack of variety that brings, and I dislike the fact that there aren't any destrutible environments or cover system in MP.

Ju3790d ago

We just saw one level. KZ1 had all kind of environments. Jungle, battlefield, even a space station. Not much has been seen about KZ2 yet.

Grahammad3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

The cover system was taken out of the MP because it didn't work well. Destructible environments are still in MP by the way.

I talk to the devs a lot too, trust me when I say there will be more then just the dark urban settings. ;)

devilhunterx3790d ago

youre lucky that I am bound by the NDA

beavis4play3790d ago

because you are wrong on everything you've stated.
want an example? GG said there would be 8 multiplayer maps AT LAUNCH, with more to follow after launch. also, KZ1 had lots of variety to its levels and i expect the same from KZ2. GG has even said to expect it and cited showing the beauty of helgan.
i also have no clue as to where you're coming up with the previews you are refering to. i've seen glowing previews on most sites. and this theory of yours on judging previews is from the twilight zone. yea, you've got it all figured out......sure you do....keep telling yourself that.
look, i'm not going to go back and forth on this. i just hope you show up in the threads after the game launches.

mfwahwah3790d ago

"Judge us on the final build."

Guess who said that originally.

SPOILER: Killzone 2 dev.

It's a general rule in my life, actually.

MiloGarret3789d ago

Lol Thor, isn't it funny how people start calling you fanboy as soon as you state your opinion? I remember another thread where they were calling you ps3 fanboy for saying warhawk and wipeout hd were aaa titles... Just another day n4g!

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Veryangry_bot3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Noone can deny the power of the PS3.

Xbots are green with ENVY right now as they are totally lost for words.

As the positive PS3 news continue to poor in by the dozens every day. R2 pwned last week. And now KZ2 owned!

B-Rein3790d ago

Now that is one of the best grpahic game i have seen in my whole life 0.0 holy f**k too good, shame i dont like that type of games for shooter fans i dont think you should miss out on a game with graphics like that

btw only a retard will disagree or say thers a problem with the graphics of this game or is seriousley jelouse cus i jus seen the hd game play 0.0....

Veryangry_bot3790d ago

Dont be fooled my friends. Even though most of the xbots have not posted yet, does not mean they havent seen the pictures or read the comments here.

They havent posted yet because they are at a loss for words right now.

Thats all. Once they catch their breath, prepare for an xbot invasion of how "gameplay sucks", or "it doesnt look that good" or "PS3 cant do colorz!" type of shiat comments again.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

The Disagrees mean they are JEALOUS!!! ;-D

'KillZone 2' CAN'T be done on the xBox 360!!! POOR POOR xBot Lemmings!

Edit - 2 Minutes for me to get a Disagree??? I'm getting good at this!!! ;-D Poor N00B must be Crying his little eyes out!!! ;-D

+ I think 'LBP' will Kill them off tho;)

The YEAR 2008 - The S.A.S Kills the xBox 360...

nonAsianDroid3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

just shut up if anyone is jealous its sony slaves always invading 360 articles and they say gears 2 will be crap that makes me sh!t my shorts laughing.

well i'm in this one because this game does look decent none the less.
could be just hype though like littlebigplanet I mean that game will most definlty be on xbox live arcade within months lol

Veryangry_bot3789d ago

3rd60 has got nothing but shiat games and inferior franchises!

In 2008, the 3rd60 is so pathetic, it really is just Gays at war 1.1 for the whole year.

Yes, from January 2008 up till December 2008, you bots had no real quality game to play other than same old same old Gays at war 1.1

And we are supposed to be jealous of that? Hahaha, delusional xbot. Your console has been outsold the whole 8 months in 2008 WORLDWIDE.
Your console has peaked last year, its nothing but down from there.

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rebirthofcaos3790d ago

AND AS PREDICTED...... the xbox will come to bash the horrible true about how the rrod 180 is maxed in graphics with gay on war 1.2.

and how the ps3 will have better graphics every game released.

Mr PS33790d ago

New Killzone 2 shots show off amazing Everything textures !!

Suck on that BoTs
You aint ever getting a game that looks this Damm Good on that piece of Crap you call a Games Console