Top 10 Best Video Game Spin-Offs, Ranked

Inspired by Agents of Mayhem's release, Twinfinite ranks the 10 best video games spin-offs.

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Yukes481d ago

Can't say I've ever ever really thought of MK as a spinoff, but guess it is of sorts. Portal immediately jumps to mind as the standout for me.

FTLmaster481d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics and Super Mario Kart are rad. Good list!

PhoenixUp481d ago

"The big boo-hoo is that this spin-off has never been remastered for current generation, or even ported to PlayStation’s subsequent handheld, Vita."

It's really appalling that Square Enix wouldn't even have a remaster of FFVII: Crisis Core released during FFVII's 20th anniversary. They could've even packed in a demo for FFVII Remake.

"Slowly but surely, Forza nudged Gran Turismo off its perch as the definitive console racing game."

You're gonna catch flak for that.

Also SSB isn't really a spinoff of anything as it has no franchise to be spunoff from

Asuka481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

Nier. pretty overlook and great spinoff

AsunaYuukiTheFlash481d ago

Persona comes to mind being a spin off of SMT.