Cage: Detroit Is Still Just a Game, I Cancelled Two Scenes That Could Be Interpreted Wrongly

David Cage said that he opted to cancel two scenes in Detroit: Become Human that could be interpreted wrongly.

The developers avoided using existing issues in a game that's still just entertainment.

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ccgr427d ago

Hmm curious how this one will be received.

Phil32427d ago

It's going to be interesting, for sure.

Timesplitter14427d ago

no doubt.... but according to this news it'll be less interesting than it could've been

FinalFantasyFanatic426d ago

I would prefer he leave the scenes in and let the game be controversial, I like that kind of thing.

uRaDecepticon426d ago

This whole game looks interesting.

Phar0ahad3426d ago

All of david cages games are great ...the real question is will this finnally open peoples eyes to davids games or will it just be a cult hit again ..

LavaLampGoo427d ago

David Cage is an odd fellow fellow, i quite enjoy his games but he really strugglibg at simply taking responiblity for what is always an inherently political narrative.

meka2611427d ago

Yes because god forbid we offend someone's feelings. /s

odderz427d ago

Could those scenes have involved some sort of MESSAGE or anything SUBSTANTIAL? Because I can understand why Cage would remove those.

Thatguy-310427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

Maybe with the whole race war/police brutality thats going on in the US.

Tankbusta40426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

There is a race war going on the US? Damn it must not be happening where I live. Guess I gotta get the guns outta the safe just in case it shows up at my doorstep!!!

I should also avoid the people who don't look like me that I see daily...lest they get the drop on me!

medman426d ago

What race war? You must be joking....if you think a small collection of weak, alt-right/nazi imbeciles marching and carrying torches amounts to a war, you haven't been paying attention. That fringe would get crushed, and quickly, by the overwhelming numbers that oppose their nonsense.

agent4532426d ago

I would not mind that. I mean come on why everything must be dumb down. Even today's filmmakers are afraid of going all out; hence, remakes and superhero films. Were are the risktakers?

Barry32171426d ago

Exactly. A message like in COD MW2 with the No Russian level at the airport. Hell, they could even allow a person to skip that section, like COD did. (Not 100% positive it could be done as easily as COD, since that was a specific level, but...)

Timesplitter14427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

That's unfortunate. I would argue that dealing with real world issues is kind-of the point of these sorts of games....

"Video game" is just a convenient term that stuck with us. It doesn't mean that they all have to be "games" in the most basic sense of the word and that they have to make you point at the screen and say "ha ha ha I am entertained!"

agent4532426d ago

Thank you completely agree. We need game developers not afraid of tackling political/controversial issues.

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The story is too old to be commented.