A screenshot of the upcoming Alan Wake trailer has been released has received a new image of the Alan Wake game from Remedy. The image is a screenshot from the upcoming trailer.

Check the source to see the screenshot in full size.

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u got owned4435d ago


This game has a lot of potential. This screen shot looks nice, i guess the wait was worth it. We'll know for sure with the trailer. But i like what i see.

Gam714435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

miss post.

Damn home button being next to page up

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Draperc4435d ago

"Heavy rain suck!" Much like your grammar, and as much as I'd hate to admit it, you're right, when it comes to graphics, Alan wake beats heavy rain. X_X

thewhoopimen4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Wow... guys. I dunno how you much credibility you guys can strain. You think this:

is in the same league as this?

Seriously.... just at look at the trees... Are you nuts? generic repeating trees versus realistic branching and leaves?

Ok forget that... let's look at the car vs. the bike. One flat matte engine texture vs. real polygon bike parts...

Wanna compare trashcans? One wrapped ridge texture vs. real bump-mapped w/reflective metal can coming right up!

Now don't get me wrong. If Alan Wake is an open world game there are going to be design compromises in order to keep framerates and everything running buttery smooth and fitting it all in one dvd. Given these compromises, the makers are doing a fantastic job. But seriously, don't just shoot off your mouth.

nanometric4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

wrong reply

Spydiggity4435d ago

there's already almost 90 comments for a single picture of a game that's been in development for years and everyone is making a fuss over it. i admit, i'm very excited for the game, but i think praising this game to be so great based off of an image and saying that one pic proves it's better looking than heavy rain is a little ridiculous. we know it'll be a good looking game but i don't think this picture proves anything. lets just relax and wait for the trailer before we make claims that may turn out to be untrue. i think heavy rain will be a pretty lame game but i do think it looks pretty damn good, i don't expect this game (or many games) will be able to top its graphics.

No Way4434d ago

That is an olddddddddddd ass picture, though. So, the graphics may have, and probably have, been greatly improved from the screen shot.

sonarus4434d ago

Actually according to a rumor i heard, the visuals have actually been downgraded because the 360 couldn't run them as well as PC. Can't remember where i heard the rumor but i believe that was the primary reason for the games delay

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green4435d ago

Looking really good.Since a trailer will be shown on the 15th i think i would be safe to assume that this would be an 09 title.

Cant wait.

nonAsianDroid4435d ago

Onko Pelaajalehdellä tietoa siitä onko kyseessä renderöity kuva vai suora kaappaus pelistä?

Rute4435d ago

The more I look at the pic, the more I want to know about the situation depicted in it. That's a good sign.

CViper4435d ago

Lets hope to see some Uncharted/Heavenly Sword quality capture. Those are really the best and only examples of pulling it off well this gen. Thats even where MGS4 failed.

omni_atlas4435d ago

Heavy Rain has some good emo.

Lets hope they do a good job, hoping to get this on the PC.

u got owned4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

"Lets hope to see some Uncharted/Heavenly Sword quality capture. Those are really the best and only examples of pulling it off well this gen. Thats even where MGS4 failed."

i would say that Mass Effect has the best facial animation this generation. Those games you mention are pretty good at facial animation too, but my pick would be Mass Effect on that department.

Xi4435d ago

He's an insomniac. They usually have the same lethargic look most of the time.

CViper4435d ago

Better yet, have you played either Uncharted or Heavenly Sword? Pretty good is an understatement. I'm sorry dude, i just don't think you've seen either game in action.

ME, great game. But the facial animation wasn't one of its strong suits. Saying ME is better than U\HS in that aspect, is just being out of touch with reality.

u got owned4435d ago

@ CViper

Well CViper i do own all three and while Uncharted has better graphics, in my opinion Mass Effect has better facial animations.

4435d ago
CViper4435d ago

Either way, it needs good facial work for the type of title. Heh.. dont wanna turn this into anything ugly. I just love when facial acting really expresses the character and makes you almost want to make the face they are making because you can relate.

Heavenly Sword, Mass Effect, and Uncharted all have facial animation, and Alan Wake needs to be at that level for the emotional journey they want to take us through.

The excuse of him being an insomniac is just that. Heres hoping that they really pay attention to it. It helps so much.

Gam714435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )


I think that ends this argument

god i hope i got the right reply tab this time.

nanometric4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Sorry, but I agree with CViper, HS take the cake by a mile. Uncharted next in line. Though I haven't played ME, but what I have seen from the videos, it definitely doesn't come close to those two. Yes, maybe acting was a little over done on HS, but damn, it's the first game where I could sense sarcasm from expression alone, a game where the dialogue isn't even needed to understand what characters are trying to say, at least that's my take on it. And I was really surprised that MGS4 was really lacking in that department.

P.S. GFX wise this looks on par with Heavy Rain, thought this is my judgment based on just one screen shot vs a whole trailer.

Xi4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

I got one for you, half life 2 and tf2 have the best facial animations.

want proof watch the meat the team video's for tf2 and any cutscene in HL2EP2


Kuest4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

to ostensibly critique Alan Wake's facial animations, or lack thereof, particularly on the basis of one screen shot alone. As such, I would bid you a little more patience, and wisdom, before interpreting Alan Wake's entire offerings to come. In fact, you would be a fool to homogenize any video game installment without having read a sufficient
number of previews, etc.

In any case, no verdict can be made of Alan Wake just yet, though I myself am skeptical of the game's somewhat expository story premise. The nature of life, nor the universe, can be revealed simply by wandering alone disconsolate trailer parks, or peering sinisterly outside a window. Hopefully, there is an adventure waiting on the other side.

Moving forward, in response to your disgusting ME critique, allow me to briefly elucidate, and enrich your understanding of innovation, and true character expression. You mentioned Heveanly Sword and Uncharted, both of which feature exemplary visuals, not to mention a distinct ensemble of characters.

That being said, both titles ignored true character interaction, with regards to story development, choosing instead to rely on a sundry list of cut scenes, and CGI. How could one not expect HS, or Uncharted's graphics to at least surpass ME's visual quality if it does not assume the same responsibilities and risks? Indeed, ME is the ONLY prominent example of facial animation because, of the three, it alone has managed to manipulate character development via in-game mechanics. That is, through the PLAYER , which ultimately signifies where the future is headed; indeed, for all our sakes, I sincerely hope progress is not measured through the stale junkyard of cut scenes, and long winded movie trailers.

To conclude, spare us your unsubstantiated opinion. What awards did HS or Uncharted win, with regards to graphics? Furthermore, what genuine example of character interaction did it feature, in comparison with ME. Is that not the true testament to facial animation?

Fanboy Fart4435d ago

Great post, Kuest. ++ Bubbles.

pshizle4435d ago

does have the best facial expressions you tool

i have uncharted and mass effect

Kuest4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

is cleaner than the fanboy him/herself! I make my assumptions, of course, after briefly checking your post history, which is both insightful and straightforward.

Obviously, you misjudge yourself... for you are not a fanboy's fart, but a welcome breath of fresh air, and a friend.

So, bubbles for you too, Mr. fresh air.

thewhoopimen4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Ok guys, before you mouth off and say really dumb things, just remember that this is the internet and all in-game videos are available for comparison for anybody.

That being said, lets do a ME vs. HS dialogue video and really take a close look at the difference in level of facial animation work.

Here is ME:

Here is HS:

Now UGotPwned tell me why I should believe you that ME has better facial animation?

@Kuest I saw your well elaborated argument, and to a certain degree I can agree. However, the question isn't about who got what award, but what you see with your own eyes. Since Heavenly Sword's dialogues were all facially mocapped, there shouldn't even be a question of which has better in-game facial animation. I present vid arguments above.
Just for your info in HS, you can see Bohan stick his tongue out, look into his mouth, and watch him bare his teeth. Bohan is played by Andy Serkis of LOTR "gollum" fame. And they use the same facial capture technology in HS that they used for LOTR...

And for those that "silently" disagree like the snivelling cowards that you are. Show me your rebuttal.

Kuest4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

the two links you provided all but verify Heavenly Sword's graphical superiority to ME, though if only in regards to CUT-SCENES.

That, Mr. Whoopimen, is the essential premise of my argument; how can one even presume to compare ME's in-game facial animations against any variant of Heavenly Sword's CGI facial animations?

By and large, one game installment showcases the progression of video game entertainment, while the other simply enhances a boilerplate sausage technique. Hence, in my opinion, Heavenly Sword cannot even compete for the distinction of "best facial animations award" because it features no user interface, or any capacity for in-game manipulation whatsoever. In comparison, ME's facial animations can be willfully altered according to the player's discretion.

Thus, my argument pertains not necessarily to graphics itself, but to the accessibility of video game technology.

thewhoopimen4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Kuest, as I mentioned before, I can in many ways agree with your argument and you've certainly presented some very strong points. However, please let me elaborate why I do not care to differentiate the two. Your point of interactivity with ME is well taken and certainly it is a much more ingenious solution than simply watching an in-game movie. However, ME's technology is by no means new or truly innovative. Simply look back at Myst games and you have the equivalent in-game conversation scenarios and choices... albeit with "video" playback vs. polygon re-enactment of dialogue. Click a choice and watch the video...isn't that what ME essentially is as well, except with in-game polygons? What I am trying to argue is that the dialogue in ME, like HS is all pre-made and pre-recorded. The only difference in ME is that you have branching polygon re-enactments to your answers, vs. no interactivity beyond a skip button. Because HS cut scenes are fully acted out vs. hand animated or whatever ME uses, the in-game polygon vids of HS are most certainly superior to ME. Maybe not as interactive, or elaborate, but technically superior and more expensive per line.

And here's the kicker. If for some reason HS was going for the branch dialogue route, then it would simply mean more mo-cap sessions for your yes, no, maybe, etc answers. The crux of my argument is that full facial animation mocap will always trump whatever secondary technology uses to cut costs (in order to cover more dialogue). (Going off tangent) This is also the biggest benefit that having higher-capacity media in gaming.

nanometric4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

First off, I wasn't in an argument about Alan Wake's facial animation, I was comparing HS, Uncharted and ME. As far as technical aspect goes, ME is superior, due to the fact, all facial animations where computer generated to the written dialogue. Which can be a cheap way to capture large amounts of dialogue, with good results, thus saving money, but it's never gonna top a real mo-cap with actors.

And what does facial animations have to do with "...user interface, or any capacity for in-game manipulation whatsoever."??? Mo-cap doesn't change from cgi or ingame or any other argument you provided. As I said, from actual "looks", HS beats ME in facial animation, from a technical standpoint ME is beats HS. But we are arguing about best looking facial animations here and not technical aspects of 'em.

green4435d ago

I can comfortably say that you are one very wise gamer.Bubbles +

I agree with every single thing you say.i have played HS and Uncharted but Mass Effect takes the award for best facial animation.Graphically they are better than mass Effect but what Mass effect does in game with animation is mind boggling.

In normal games you listen to what the character says in cutscenes and then continue on the scripted path that the devs have set out for you but in Mass Effect you have to see their facial expressions and not just take what they say at face value to see if they are telling the truth or not.You have to read meaning into what characters say and their expressions, this will enable you make better or stupid decisions down the line.

So as you can see the facial animation in Mass Effect is not for you to look at and be simply amazed at but is actually there to help you make better decisions in the game.

What Bioware did in terms of player interactivity,character development and they way you choose to play a game was simply amazing.

And to those trying to undermine Alan Wake, please give it a rest for Christ's sake.The last time we saw anything in regards to Alan wake was 2 years ago and now you are making assumptions and passing negative judgments based on to me one excellent looking screen shot.

CViper4435d ago

ME has bad facial Animation, comparatively. Its evident in gameplay, and in videos. ME surpasses no games when it comes to technology in this regard. I can't take anyone seriously that has played all 3, and comes to the conclusion that ME comes out on top. Thats all I am talking about here.

My background is visual fx in feature films, both 3d and 2d. I've worked on the likes of Pirates Of The Caribbean to 2012. Seeing first hand what Naughty Dog has pulled off with their facial rig, I am 100% confident in saying that Uncharted has/had some of the best animators as well as technical developers out in that industry right now. **IT SIMULATES SUBTLE FACE FAT JIGGLE AROUND THE EYES**, that is just one example of how beyond the rest of gaming they are. That is a CGI trick. It was on the top of the list to get it right, because the story telling in Uncharted was very important to the game.

Its up to the developer to decide which way they want to tell their tale. Some decide to do cutscenes, others decide to do it HL style.

You are talking about what does the better job to you, and thats subjective to everyone's personal experience with the game. But from a technical standpoint, the Facial performances in Mass Effect don't compare to Uncharted or Heavenly Sword.

I'm also confident to know that Remedy isn't trying to attain Mass Effects level of facial animation to tell a dramatic serious story, I doubt any developer strives for that when such good bars have already been set. I cant imagine Alan Wake speaking like a muppet while delivering some heavy lines, and that was the problem with Mass effect.

No one is saying that the facial animation is anything at this point. I am making the observation that everything we have seen since 2005 has been lacking any sort of facial animations. I'm hoping they nail it because it will only make the game 10x better.

Kuest4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

However, I must impress upon you the disparity between Motion Capture and Dialogue trees. As mentioned earlier, i agree that HS does possess superior graphical quality, though in sole regards to its cut scenes.

Now, consider the nature of interactive entertainment, which of course would encompass console entertainment. Specifically, by what standard should we judge a gaming product, if not on the basis of its user accessibility? For, if one were to critique any interactive medium on the basis of visuals alone, what would differentiate such products from cinema entertainment?

As such, i insist that a sufficient criteria for video games should be esteemed on how successfully it engages the user. In other words, graphics should not simply be evaluated according to its polygon count, but its capacity to interact with 1) the player and 2) story development. In MGS 4, for example, consider how its graphical technology, which enabled interactivity with Snake's camouflage suit, could be employed to advance both story progression, as well as interactivity with the surrounding environment. Thus, one could reasonably argue MGS 4's graphical prowess because it helped further advance user accessibility.

To put in even more perspective, recall the limitations of MGS 2. Could the user manipulate the environment to the same degree as its fourth installment? Of course not, and therefore the graphical capability of MGS4 was evident without dispute. Even so, when considering just MGS2's cut scenes alone, how could the player possibly be more disadvantaged than those who observed MGS4's infamously lengthy CGI trailers today? Are not both instances, despite the gap in visual technology, predicated on merely watching, just like Cinema entertainment?

My friends, user interactivity is the prime aspect to consider when evaluating a game's graphical quality. For video games itself are predicated on such interactivity. As such, what does Heavenly Sword do than merely capitalize on what previous games have done, albeit in a more appealing, more visually tasteful manner? Is not this same sort of progression indicative of the cinema's own progression, such as the distinction between Citizen Cane, and the Matrix?

Mass Effect may have established its technology on previous innovations, but without a doubt it is considerably more conducive to the overall philosophy of games, which as i started earlier is predicated on interactive entertainment. The dialogue trees, while deceptively simple, empowers the player with both the visual fidelity and necessary interface to advance STORY PROGRESSION. In that sense, Mass Effect clearly boasts superior technology in regards to facial animations. For, what good is such facial animation if it does not advance the aforementioned principles of gaming?

There... i have made my argument, now make yours.

thewhoopimen4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

If what green says is true about differentiating conversation via facial expressions in ME, then ME certainly has upped the notch on game interaction and should be lauded for their efforts. However, in revisiting Kuest's earlier argument of ME winning awards, I would point out that while certainly true, ME wasn't the only title praised for its technical drive.

Here is an excerpt on HS's maker Ninja Theory:
The developer was nominated for five Develop Industry Excellence Awards for the game including best new IP, visual arts, audio accomplishment, technical innovation, and best independent developer.[3]
"Develop Industry Excellence Awards 2008". (July 2008). Retrieved on 2008-09-10.

In any case, we can argue circles around the disparate features that make one title superior to another, but the original topic was facial animation. Not sound, not branching dialogue, not textures, manipulating the environment, environmental interactivity, etc. Simply facial animation. The comparison of facial animation between ME and HS is a no contest. HS is undoubtedly superior in this regard.

Now if we want to move on to technical gameplay, I would whole-heartedly support ME as far outclassing a narrowly focused third person fighting or shooting game. Neither HS nor Uncharted carry the scope that ME purports.

@Cviper Below: I wholeheartedly agree with you that it is a shame ME could not include mo-cap. i would go so far as to say that ME's dialogue-driven gameplay was crippled by this design choice, especially if a player has to "read" character expressions in order to determine character intent.

CViper4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

no one knows anything about Wakes gameplay, or facial animation. Although its good to see that you are willing to explain to me different types of dialogue gameplay, its without reason. No one asked about this.

ME is clearly more interactive by the player input. Which is great. But that has nothing to do with facial animation. Mocap\performance capture for facial animation was not used for Uncharted, nor is it ever really used in production. Rarely is the data good enough to purely apply to a model. Its almost always keyframed over with to enhance it or to start from scratch. Its an art form to get a polygonal model to look as if it has emotion and life.

I think in your journey to inform us all on different types of gameplay that many of us have known about since adventure book episodes, that you are missing that element of it, it is a skill. And when it is done well, it looks great graphically as well as creating the relationship between the polygons and the player.

To tell a story, a dramatic story, especially the way Remedy does, you are going to need to push the limits of facial animation to do so to bring players in that are used to seeing what better games have to offer. This is what I expect out of my gaming experiences in 2008+ now. High production values, good stories, and amazing gameplay.

I will be happier with Uncharted\HS type realistic versions of facial animation and performance capture than ME's rigid phenome based -morph target cycles. People can disagree with that all they want, but there is a reason that Uncharted\HS look so great when they are performing, and why people looking at MASS EFFECT's videos often criticize.

"What good has Uncharted's, or Heavenly Sword's superior graphics garnered in respect to critical reception, or sales for that matter"

More proof of you just plain not getting it, and going on the defensive. I knew some how the argument of sales vs quality was going to come out here, and thats exactly what I want to avoid. Nintendogs has sold more than halo3, so now that means it has superior quality?
Of course not. Different games sell in different ways. Did anyone playing HS expect it to sell 10 million out the gate? Or Uncharted? no, no one did. Uncharted sold just fine, and fine enough to warrant a sequel. HS isn't coming back. Does any of that have to do with facial animation? Nope.

You are getting your feelings hurt over the reality of this conversation. You strayed way off topic, I brought you back. You can question sales and critical reception all you want, but I have eyes. I dont reap any benefits from beyond expected sales, nor is my game experience enhanced because NextGEN's employees opinions agree with my opinion. I cant play scores, or awards. I get my 60.00 worth, and move on as most gamers that don't have to justify luxury purchases do.

If the debate was "what is a better game" and "better" being defined by sales and critical reception, no one would bother arguing that. At all. But unfortunately for you, thats not the argument or even the subject of the conversation.

I'll take what you say just as I take everyone elses statements that have anything to do with sales/reviews. Very very lightly. I respected you more before you went to the "BUH BUH SALES" camp of stupid.

I feel stupid for wasting my last bubble on you, to only not be able to respond to the facial animation arguments at the base level. Damn you :)

When I played FF7, I didn't need conversation trees and muppets to tell me when i needed to cry. The story that I WATCHED unfold before me drove it, as it always does. Facial animation just enhances it even further. Don't try to make people seem shallow to be able to sit back and enjoy cut scenes just as much as they enjoy ingame cinematic\stories.

Just stop the BS.

I never commented about the Graphics. Never. I said I'm hoping that the facial animation is on point, because the game is going to be very dramatic. Read into that all you want, but thats all I ever said. ME's facial animation isn't as good as HS|Uncharted.

Kuest4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

What good has Uncharted's, or Heavenly Sword's superior graphics garnered in respect to critical reception, or sales for that matter? Especially, Heavenly Sword, which was dependent almost entirely on a user's eyeball dexterity, rather than good game play.

A brief reality check, Viper; my inclusion of Mass Effect within this thread was not of my doing, but another user before me. But, with regards to your Alan Wake skepticism, my first post still holds true. For your alleged misgivings are without substance given the fact that you have only glimpsed ONE, single, solitary screen shot of Alan Wake. Therefore, it is not i who misunderstand the framework of this debate, but you who- like a sneaky child- attempted to erupt a reasonably boring thread into a debate regarding something none of us can truly be aware of (Alan Wake's graphics).

Going back to Mass Effect, i have explained my position, and ultimately it boils down to preference. That is, if you are content to marvel at the fluidity of CGI cut scenes, i obviously cannot dissuade how silly you fetishes are, given that video games are predicated on game play. Spectators watch, my friend. Thus, how can one truly be engrossed with a game's story, if he/she is not conducive to its conclusion? Again, perhaps this signifies a difference in opinion between us.

Dareaver14435d ago

That's all i can say. Kuest, bubbles for you and you are now on my Track List.

Rarely on N4G has a post been so profoundly put. I am simply in awe of your vocabulary and the straightforwardness of your posts, despite their attempts to twist and change the conversation.

I really don't understand how they could seriously compare gameplay animation to CGI cutscene animation. That to me in itself showed their true intention. Also to the fact that one could make such assumptions from one solitary screenshot is ridiculous.

But still, kudos to you for standing your ground in such a way that makes me want to see more debates from you....

If there were a poster of the year award. You would win hands down, i believe, just for this brief exchange.....

Hope to see more of you on here.... Take care....

ud4435d ago

ME had the best facial animations? GIVE ME A BREAK, HS and Uncharted had FAR BETTER animations, and if you have played all of these games you seriously can't say that ME had the best, it had the WORST of the three, you guys aren't playing in HD or aren't playing the games at all or something lol.... you can't even argue with it. Buy / Rent the games.... seriously

Spydiggity4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

if the argument is which game does a better job of motion capturing facial expressions, the answer is heavenly sword. however, it seems more like the point kuest is making is that since we are playing games, you can only judge quality based on what you experience while playing...NOT while watching. if you are basing your judgment solely on what is being shown to you in a cut scene, then you must include movies in your comparison. and we know that no game can put out a Hollywood CG level of detail. BUT, we aren't comparing movies, and therefore we aren't comparing in game movies. The only thing you can actually consider are the animations made by the characters while you are in control of the action.

so, with that said, i believe you are both wrong. or at least, not as right as you think you are. the winner of this competition from the games i've experienced has got to be Team Fortress 2. it is one of the few games i can think of where the faces being made are a direct result of the situation the player is in at any given moment. Kuest i agree with you that you do have some sort of control during ME, but it doesn't matter how many times you have the conversation, every time one of the characters delivers a line, they will make the same expression and have the same body movements. so that is basically the same thing as a cut scene you are just telling it which cut scene you wish to see. it's comparable to the moments in heavenly sword and uncharted where you are prompted to push a button. that is a scripted event that the player has no direct control over and cannot be included in your comparison either.

since i'm unfortunate to not have as many bubbles as the two of you i won't be able to continue this line of debating. so in conclusion, you both make good points and it was entertaining reading your discussion; but, Viper, your point is moot for the reasons highlighted in Kuest's argument and Kuest, your argument is moot for the reasons highlighted in your own argument.

next case

EDIT: one more thing to consider when comparing these games is that the faces in uncharted and HS are set in stone. you have no control over their appearance. in ME, however, you do. and no matter how you make your avatar look, you will still see the same level of detail and quality though certain parts of the face will move slightly differently. and with that, i'd have to say kuest has the right idea. We've seen CGI in games for a long time, and it has always been the best looking part of the games largely due to the facial expressions, but to be able to change the size and shape of a character and still have the animations is something few games have done. ME does it. HS and Uncharted don't do that, they are just capturing faces and displaying the images. So if the argument becomes which CG in games looks best, you'd have to say HS. But if it's which is more impressive, you have to give it to ME. What they are doing is technically more complex.

Dareaver14435d ago

bubbles to you, why do you have so few bubbles? That was well said, and it gives a different perspective where you too are right.

Now this is what i'm talking about. Great debates, eyeopeningly different perspectives.

This is what N4G needs, and all done in mature manner.

Game on people

Scrooge4434d ago

Wow, it's pretty evident that the Sony fans live in an alternate reality here at N4G.

No Way4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Outside of N4G, I doubt Anyone would care which game had better facial animation..

But, I do have to agree. I think Mass Effect has the best facial animation. But, all the games listed are all very good.

And, I also think it's stupid that your critiquing Alan Wake's ability for Facial Animation from one, or a few, screen shots..

JokesOnYou4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Wow! Great discussion by is enjoyable to read well thought out comments. I have played all of the above games and I have to say imo ME ingame facial animations were the best I have seen, I won't argue the technical aspects or of why or suggest that I have in professional knowledge in gaming cinematics but simply from a gameplay experience point of view Mass Effect was superior.

I will say that it is too early to make any assumptions about Alan Wakes facial animation this early.


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