Publishers wary of creating Nintendo titles, says Wii developer

Big publishers have been wary of creating new titles for the Nintendo Wii due to the perception that first-party titles are better supported than third-party games, says Brian Dreyer, business development manager for Frontline Studios.

The trepidation of companies to support the console and its motion sensitive controller has left a gap in the market that independent studios have been wise to exploit, claims Dreyer

"Nintendo hardware is traditionally seen as great for first-party titles, but not so much for third-party games," said Dreyer, speaking exclusively to

"That fact really scares a lot of publishers and frankly we've seen a lot of publishers take that wait-and-see attitude with the Wii," commented Dreyer. "Rightly or wrongly, publishers are more frustrated with that than independent developers are."
While publishers such as Ubisoft and Sega have supported the Wii since launch, others, such as Capcom, are yet to get boxed product to market.

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mellowspaz5220d ago

This is a stupid excuse to not make a game for the console. The reason games from third parties aren't selling on wii is because the quality is far below anything Nintendo releases. Red Steel is the number 2 selling game behind Zelda so what does that say about sales when the game sucks balls?

Odiah5220d ago

Billy hatcher rocked.

highps35220d ago

I still dont see how the Wii and DS do as well as they do. They both are horrible. The Wii idea was great but when you play excite truck and then motorstorm *demo* its very clear they screwed up.

Motion sensing on excite and motorstorm (with trucks not bikes) is bascially the same, fyi.

Its doing well so I imagine there will be plenty of games for it...

Real question is how long until people get over this FAD.

Harry5220d ago

They also said we would be living on the moon by 2000

MicroGamer5220d ago

We were also promised flying cars. I want my flying car!!!

deathtok5220d ago

Yeah, I was excited for the Wii. I played about 20 minutes of Zelda and loved it. Then I played Excite Truck & Red Steel when my brother got one. I'm not nearly as impressed.

I'm beginning to think the Wii could be a fad. It's going to take some great games to make it successful in the long run. Waving my arm around to play the games does get old fast when you're actually doing it.

MicroGamer5220d ago

Wii is probably the easiest of the three consoles to develop for because it has so much in common with the Gamecube. It shouldn't be too much of a learning curve to figure out how the motion controller works. Most of the rest is straight Gamecube coding.

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