Gamervision: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [Wii Review]

GV writes: "Sure, like many other people, I tried out the demo that came out on XBox Live, and thought it was good fun, but nothing more. Fast-forward to two weeks ago, when a friend of mine called me and said: "Hey, my brother-in-law just beat The Force Unleashed on Wii and is lending it to me. Wanna try it out?" I figured that there was no reason not to, and it's not like we had any better plans for that evening. Beer and force powers sounded like a good idea.

We played for a while, but got tired at one point and moved on to better games, but when he left, he forgot the game in my console. Knowing I wouldn't see him for another week, I thought I might as well play the free rental I just got."

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