Talk Smack on Xbox Live, Get Arrested

A darling, precocious, young scamp has figured out how to use his Xbox 360 for a real life game of cops and robbers. After spouting off on Live about packing a gun, he found police at his door...

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nice_cuppa5227d ago

it serves the little twat right.
i bet it was a little white kid trying to be gangster !

get a clue people.
if you act like a twat you get treated like a twat.

Yo Wassap5227d ago

Good; that means that anybody else can do the same thing if somebody is truly worrying (e.g. a pedophile or other criminal). Nice and safe does the trick

power of Green 5227d ago

Hmm. I had the clan after me on XBL got in a fight with them and they filed complaints to spite me; took my 90% favored you score down to 80%. lol Yah theres some garbage on XBL as an Anerican the youth give us a bad name world wide and even some Hill billy and inter city adults act mindless at times.

dantesparda5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

Moron, not "inter city". An p.s. you do know that its "American" right? and not "Anerican", LOL!

power of Green 5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

Yah! i realized i made the inner city error after i typed it but i did not have time to fix it as i have to sneak on this site to post and have little time to post. Jack ass. You mean It's American and not Anerican fuc*en idiot move along M's right next to N.

Come on bro you can't be that stupid and or have so little class you attack people because of typo's to think folks do not know how to spell America, although i made the typo's you're the one looking like an rabbid moron. LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.