How one QTE gives Final Fantasy 15 one of the best endings in the series

The worst chapter of Final Fantasy 15 sets up the best ending. VG247's Alex Donaldson explains why he thinks one tiny moment in FF15's finale makes it such a strong ending.

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FinalFantasyFanatic798d ago

Nope, the ending was crap, I haven't touched the game since I finished it. No amount of DLC or patches will fix the heavily flawed game it was. The lack of story and characters was it's biggest low point.

Eamon798d ago

100%. I loved the combat, but the story was extremely poor.

FinalFantasyFanatic798d ago

I thought the combat was alright, easily serviceable, holy crap was magic over powered though. I wish they did a bit better with the open world too, it's pretty barren even with the outposts, I still want towns and cities, it didn't have enough of them. If only they let you explorer Niflheim and Insomnia, it would have been nice if there were half a dozen towns or Cities spread out on the map. Graphics were fantastic, which isn't a surprise coming from Square-Enix.

greywolf39798d ago

I finished the game yesterday, and I had it since the release. I put 80+ hours in first playtr. Ending made the game awesome. Fantastic game

nommers792d ago (Edited 792d ago )

Indeed. The ending was great and completed the most important part of the Versus XIII project which was to make a shakespearean tragedy.

The only way for both sides to attain victory was through death.

Pantz798d ago

The ending made no sense. It wasn't terrible, but not really good either.

FinalFantasyFanatic798d ago

It really needed a few more years to polish it off, you could see the beginnings or some makings of decent plot threads, but they're only lightly touched on or not at all, so much left dangling. Stuff just kinda happens in this game and the bulk of the story is at the beginning and end with nothing much in the middle.

The game really got too much praise during release and there were very few sensible reviews talking about both of it's good and bad points.

Nara_shikamaru797d ago

Thats your own fault then, you couldn't keep up with what was going on. With what was provided, the ending was one of the few things that actually did make complete sense. That said, the execution of the story could have been alot better.

Pantz797d ago

I'd tell you why but it's impossible without spoilers.

FinalFantasyFanatic797d ago

I don't blame him for being numb to the story by that point, they really didn't have much buildup or foreshadowing and it made the ending all the weaker for it. Sadly it felt like the meat of the plot was only just starting to ramp up by that point (Ardyn's connection to the royal family, what he did, what happened to him, Bahmut warning Notics what he had to do and what the cost would be, ect...) and then the ending happened. The more exciting parts for me was when your going through the research documents towards the end and finding out about the shady stuff the empire was up to.

Eamon797d ago

It's not so much the ending that didn't make sense. It was the entire story leading up till the ending that made no sense.

It was bare-boned with very few characters and very little exposition. Tabata wasn't joking when he said this game is about a road trip.

Development hell was what caused this. Tabata was made director in order to fix the quagmire after more than 5 years in. All my hopes now are on the FF7 remake.

moegooner88798d ago

Game needed one or two more years. Great foundation, terrible execution.

Gardenia797d ago

By playing The Zodiac Age it's clear how Final Fantasy went from great to mediocre