E For All Expo begins today but will anyone come?

Today is the first day of the 2008 edition of the E For All Expo, the self-proclaimed "North America's premiere video game event." to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The first event, held in 2007, was heavily hyped beforehand with the expo's organizers, the IDG World Expo, predicting in interviews with their CEO that they were expecting between 20,000 and 30,000 attendees. In the end the event only brought in 18,000 attendees and only five major game publishers exhibited at the event.

This year's edition hasn't gotten nearly as much hype as the inaugural event, possibly because there's even less participation from the actual game industry than last year. Only three major game publishers (Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft) are scheduled to exhibit at the event, compared to last August's Penny Arcade Expo, which had over 20 publishers showing their upcoming games.

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arakouftaian3790d ago

N I was going to buy the tickets few mounts back since u save money buy the tickes few monts before but I did not n I'm glad I'm not going because all the games I want to tray I allready did socom I'm in the beta, M:PR I got the demo, R2 the open beta stars n a few days n I'm sure I will be in the beta, LBP I got the beta!, and Killzone 2 I got in the beta thanks to a friend I play it for few days n got kick out hahahaha but I enjoy every second. Of it is the best I can't wait for them to have a open beta for the US n soon to play the game onthe a lil more than 4 mounts :)