Unreal Tournament 3 footage

Using the Unreal Engine 3, Epic's seminal first-person shooter will douse gamers with gorgeous, life-like graphics, arm them with unbelievable futuristic and brutal weaponry, and hurl them into online deathmatches like never before.

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GaMr-5226d ago

EPIC you sons of Biatches.. you did it again. Gorgeous just freakin Gorgeous. They should cross-plat this bad boy. That would be extreme. PS3 vs. 360 vs. PC ohh man the possibilites.

Grown Folks Talk5226d ago

the 360 marvel mmo with the ps3 dc mmo. a huge @ss battle between marvel characters and dc characters. i believe the winner would determine the victor of this console "war".

RedGr3mlin5226d ago

You are 100*% true there.
It would be a rely BAD MO*** FU*** then.

But if you think this way.
Mouse and keboard (<---spelling??)
Well lets put it this way,,,
you end with a score with 20p with controller.
And with mouse and kea.... 120p.

GaMr-5226d ago

Im pretty bad a$$ with a Joypad. We would have to see. But I sure hope they do cross platform it. All i know so far is the PS3 and the PC versions are going to support user mods. I hoping for some cross platform news though.

TheGoodMART5226d ago

Keep dreaming... 360 fanboys. The ps3 supports mouse and keyboard so PS3 VS PC users might be possible.

MoonDust5226d ago

You embarrass yourself once already, better make a new name now we all know how much of a retard you are.

TheMART5226d ago

Your comment is priceless.

The only thing that will be confirmed by this game is that again another multiplatform game (after COD3, FNR3 and other games) will look best on the 360, plus, that BluRay would never be needed for gaming.

It could fit on the PS3 on a DL-DVD also, you'll see. You're paying 200 dollars extra on the PS3 just for Sony pushing stuff you really don't need.

Most funny thing is, 'exclusives' of the PS3 are lost every day. UT2007, Virtua Fighter 5, Assassins Creed, DMC4, soon MGS4

What's left?

RedGr3mlin5226d ago

Omg, here we go.
A 6 year old online.

Listen, before you say something that you dont know a sh** about, read the OLDER news on this game site.

o and i can say the word that you are going to say already now. Woups!!!!!

RedGr3mlin5226d ago

hehe no i am the one saying sry now :P
((sry mate))

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The story is too old to be commented.