6 Months Without Big Launches Take Their Toll Xbox Sales in the USA Give Way to Competition

This year 2017 will be remembered by many as the year in which Microsoft has made more mistakes. The cancellation of Scalebound, the first AAA drought during the first 6 months of the year ... Luckily good things have arrived, such as Xbox Game Pass or the announcement of many games during E3.

However, the general perception remains negative. The balance of errors seems to have weighed and not even the price declines of Xbox One S have slowed down the inevitable. And is that the gap of sales between PS4 and Xbox is approaching a million difference in the USA in just over half a year, more than 890,000 consoles to be more accurate according to the NPD Group. In fact in July, Xbox is the fourth console below the Nintendo Switch.

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RAM0N 427d ago

The xbox1 been dry for the longest and the games that are coming out later this year, don't even look that good.

Septic427d ago

Yeah its been a pretty shit year for Xbox

Kingthrash360426d ago

This is why exclusive games matter so much. I don't know what ms is thinking but it's not good.

freshslicepizza426d ago

Their lack of investment into their own studios is coming to a head.

darthv72426d ago

It kind of makes you wonder if they have something really big planned for this November besides the release of the X and CD3.

FITgamer426d ago

Xbox one sales in ROW must be horrendous being under a 100K in it's strongest region.

MegamanXXX426d ago

Not only this year this decade

gamer7804426d ago

they shouldn't have canceled fable legends, it was much better than sea of thieves. Would have loved to them have put the time into scale bound, now i worry they have soured their relationship with platinum games and we'll never see a nier2 on xbox

hamburgerhill426d ago

Can somebody please resuscitate MS. Sad times indeed.!

letsa_go426d ago Show
426d ago
FinalFantasyFanatic426d ago (Edited 426d ago )


I wouldn't call this gen shit since the PS4 is doing phenomenally well (crazy sales and games aplenty), as for the WiiU and the Xone, yeah, it's been pretty bad. Hopefully the Switch maintains it's momentum, unfortunately the XoneX won't change anything for the brand.

Dammit Microsoft, just pay a few developers to make you some exclusives, it's not like your sales are going to get any worse if you do (they certainly won't improve without a good reason though).

AmUnRa426d ago

Only this year?
Don't think so, its going bad from the introduction till now for the Xbox One.

shaggy2303426d ago


"It still don't have a game in the 90's"

Forza Horizon 3 says hi

TheKingKratos426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

IMO other than Sunset overdrive (Really loved that game)
it's always been shitty since the launch of xbox1

UnHoly_One426d ago

I still don't know why they dropped Fable Legends, the beta was fun, and seemed to already be release-ready in terms of a F2P game that would have kept getting new content anyway.

letsa_go426d ago

@UnHoly_One Microsoft has no business making one of their main franchises, Fable, a F2P game. Imagine an alternate reality where they took it seriously, and made Fable an open world RPG that went head to head with Zelda Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn.

andrewsquall423d ago

@darthv72 "big planned". Well they delayed Crackdown 3, is that big enough plans for November for you lol?

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PhoenixUp427d ago

Xbox One still received plenty of great games this year, just not a lot of exclusives

Kingthrash360426d ago

Every game released that was great on xbox was great somewhere else as well. This is why exclusive's are essential.

PhoenixUp426d ago

It's essential to have plenty of great games on a console period

Bigpappy426d ago

It is true that there is not a lot of excitement around the X1-s right now. But that is what happens when there is a must better version of that console about to be released. Even though some will still buy the S, many are holding out until the X get released. I would have bought the S if I didn't know about the X. The X is were the excitement is right now.

rainslacker426d ago


Maybe, but where is the excitement around the Xbox One in general? You know, the one that already has about 30 million users?

I don't see a lot of talk about the excitement for the games that are coming to it beyond any multi-plat discussion which is about the game itself, and not the console most of the time. I only really see the Xbox fan boys say how it'll be so great to play on those on the X1X.

I just don't see any excitement over the Xbox brand this year, and even last was kind of a disappointment. When Sony had a scarce holiday, they still had a pretty decent year, but MS holiday this year is even more scarce, and they've had a terrible year, and so far, next year isn't looking any better.

DARK_FOX426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

All those other games I can play on my PS4 and my PS4 actually has exclusives making the console well worth owning.

PhoenixUp426d ago


You really believe that the number of games on that service outnumber the new games releasing this year?

@ Dark

And you can still play them on XO. Owners of that console aren't going through any software drought

426d ago
andrewsquall426d ago

@Bigpappy I agree with you about Xbone sales suffering since the announcement of Scorpio at E3 2016. But after E3 2017 that is not the case now. People were holding out until E3 to see if Scorpio would blow them away and the price would be great value at 399 at least, it didn't do either. Now that people know how much it is and the games that are coming to it and the next 6 months after, there is really no holding out needed anymore.

People who were on the fence would just get an Xbone now. Is playing a game like Crackdown 3 or State of Decay 2 at native 4K going to be worth double the price to them??? Not every likely.

Then you have the poor souls like darthv72 that are in denial so much they still think Microsoft are going to "flip a switch" and cut off 20 million gamers and make games just for the XboneX with its measly 2 million and less install base. He still even believes after that spec reveal earlier in the year and that sparse lineup of XboneX at E3 2017 that something mind blowing and game changing is going to happen, its so adorable. :)

WickedLester425d ago

Keep telling yourself that.

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FallenAngel1984426d ago

Xbox One has had plenty of new games to play this year

Wii U on the other hand has had a terribly dry lineup in 2017

letsa_go426d ago

haha nice deflection. The wii u was also discontinued in 2017, sooo...are you saying the xbox one is competing against the wii u? If so, that is a low bar you have set!

FallenAngel1984426d ago

I'm saying that if you own an Xbox One there are still plenty of new games you can enjoy.

I was using Wii U as an example. That console even had a barren lineup last year as well.

FinalFantasyFanatic426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

I don't know if you joking or trolling.

The WiiU is dead and buried, Nintendo don't want anything to do with it. No one is talking about Xone exclusives, and those that are seem to have mostly negative comments to make (which may or may not be true). Why would you even make such a weak comparison to a dead console? It makes the Xbox's position look worse than it already is, even though it's certainly not in a healthy state.

FallenAngel1984426d ago

Cuz it's a stark contrast

Even compared to Switch, XO is still receiving more games on a monthly basis

DARK_FOX426d ago

You do realize the switch has more major exclusives than the Xbox one this year? The switch has also been out for 5 months and is in its first year of sales lol.

FallenAngel1984426d ago

Bro no shit it has more exclusives. Why bring up something so obvious?

I'm talking about games in general. There is still far more software releasing on XO than on NS on a monthly basis.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen426d ago (Edited 426d ago )


Some people still don't understand what gamers, new and old, are looking for in a GAMING console. Let's begin with WiiU. it's irrelevant since it has been discontinued and the only thing the Xbox One has been getting worth mentioning are multiplats. Consider this; The average consumer who is interested in choosing a gaming console sees two machines. They both have the same multiplats, but the other one has a list of award winning games;

Horizon Zero Dawn
Persona 5
Crash Bandicoot
MLB The Show
and there's more to come

Which GAMING console do you think GAMERS are going to choose? We all know what the problem is over at Xbox, some people just don't want to admit it.

FallenAngel1984426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

@ IGive

Some people still don't understand that a gaming console with a lot of games is what gamers are interested in.

Wii U was irrelevant long before it was discontinued due to lack of a consistent flow of new games. It didn't get prematurely discontinued for nothing.

You can't suddenly discredit multiplats entirely to fit an agenda, especially when Wii U's demise was largely attributed to lack of multiplats. And especially after newcomer Xbox was able to outsell GameCube(made by a longtime veteran of the industry) thanks to multiplats. And definitely not when 360 had a longer lifespan than Wii thanks to multiplats.

Yes exclusives are always important, but let's not play dumb and pretend that multiplats don't matter either. We can't have a double standard where multiplats matter when it comes to Nintendo consoles' frequent lack of them but say they aren't worth anything when it comes to Xbox consoles' abundance of them. Every kind of game matters to gamers. As a person who primarily plays on PlayStation consoles, I find it ridiculous to discredit either type of software.

Consider this, the people who already have Xbox One consoles, which is the entire point I am making and that many are neglecting, still have new compelling games consistently arriving on their console. Whether those games are exclusive or not is besides the point as long as the consumers of that product are frequently satiated.

Compare this to Wii U which throughout the majority of its lifespan went through many drought periods because it didn't receive as many multiplats and exclusives would only come out every so often.

You seem to be focused on why would someone buy an PS4 over an XO, and that answer is clearly obvious and doesn't need to be further discussed because it's beating a dead horse at this point. I'm talking specifically about people who decided to get an XO anyway and the library that the particular platform offers them.

Personally I'll always pick PS4, but if I were to somehow have an XO I'd have no problem finding a slew of new games to pick up for the console.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen426d ago

There's one problem with your analysis. Switch does have AAA multiplats but it's outsell Xbox One even though the switch has had shortages.

FallenAngel1984426d ago

I know that

But that still hasn't stopped people who own Xbox One from enjoying the new games from releasing on their platform

trooper_426d ago

What new games?!

You guys need to take off the blinders. They aren't doing you any favors.

GamesMaster1982426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Because the Wii U died ages ago. Just like the X1 and 1X will by this time next year if they keep this up.

Chevalier426d ago

A 4 year old system having more games than a new system launched 5 months ago?! Wow that's a revelation! Way to set that bar way down there!

Dragonscale426d ago

@fallen, you are really reaching. Yes 3rd parties matter but so do exclusives which is why xbone is in its current state. The problem is that MS have a serious lack of exclusive titles now so they have been saying 'exclusives don't matter' even though they clearly do. MS know this really, either that or they are stupid. 'exclusives don't matter' along with bc and scorpio are just deflections tbh.

FallenAngel1984426d ago

@ trooper

You'd have to be blind yourself not to notice the new titles.

@ gamer

That doesn't make any sense. Wii U died because it was receiving so few support while XO continues to be supported by the majority of publishers.

@ Chev

That doesn't change my point though. XO is still receiving plenty of titles, more so than any other dedicated gaming device besides PS4.

@ Dragon

Reaching how? It's basic common sense to acknowledge people with the console have a lot to play.

You're the one reaching by saying people who opted for an XO for some reason can't enjoy the library that is given to them.

I never said exclusives don't matter, get that through your thick skull. I said the overall number of titles available matters.

Xbox outsold GameCube for a reason. Xbox 360 sold more software than Wii for a reason. Xbox One outlasted Wii U for a reason. To ignore all this is beyond reaching and living in denial.

How does something so basic fly over your head?

Nodoze426d ago

The software release schedule looks great compared to the Sega Saturn as well.

FallenAngel1984426d ago

@ Nod

It looks great compared to any other dedicated contemporary platform this year besides PS4.

How is that point lost on you

Kryptix425d ago

If Xbox One lacked any notable MS funded AAA games and Sony provided those same multi plats plus more with above average review scores, which one is the better offer?

But nope, logically, your mind offseted to compare it to another failed to provide console. It's funny to see Switch accomplish much more in the same time span with similar power. Goes to show that it's a combination of many things than just having games or just having power.

I say this, if you want a much, much better Xbox experience, go the PC route. Starting with a 1050ti is fine, just make sure you have an open ended upgrade path. AM4 socket motherboards will be supported till 2020 and it's now cheap to get multi core CPUs with Ryzen. Got my 1600x 3.6Ghz 6 core for $230.

Otherwise, a PS4 would be the best alternative to gaming right now with it's plethora of already released high quality exclusives that come along the multiplats.

FallenAngel1984425d ago

Your talking about what consumers would choose between so the point has gone over your head to just like it's gone over many others.

If you own an Xbox One, why wouldn't you enjoy the library available to you on that console?

I'm comparing Xbox One to Wii U because the latter failed precisely because it lacked so many consistent new games whereas the former continues to live because it's receiving new games. We can't just sweep that basic fact under the rug.

The entire reason NS came out so soon is because Nintendo's last console failed so hard.

"Goes to show that it's a combination of many things than just having games"

Dafuq? Are you seriously advocating for a gaming platform to have less games available for it for gamers to enjoy? Your priorities have become very skewed if that's what you're actually suggesting.

Yes there are other alternatives, but that is not what I'm talking about. I'm specifically talking about Xbox One owners in particular and the games available to them.

deno425d ago

WII U got better games at this point compared to Xbox one S.

rainslacker425d ago

When discussing multi-plats, I don't really recall that many high profile one's releasing this year to date. There were a few, sure, but I'd say it's been dry on that front.

This holiday has some coming though, but the vast majority are just the yearly, or bi-yearly releases which we've come to expect, and tend to take up a bulk of the sales charts anyways.

indysurfn425d ago

I see what your doing there. Why didn't you talk about the SWITCH? I keep seeing people use the Wii u because the SWITCH has more AAA games only after 4 months and has more coming this year. But using the previous NON CANCELLED console is not right

PhoenixUp425d ago

@ deno

Don't even kid yourself. Wii U's lineup of new games was barren this time last year.

Don't be so delusional to say it was better than XO's. Wii U died for a reason and XO continues to live for a reason.

@ rain

There have already been quite a number of great multiplats released this year.

@ indy

Well Wii U is dead and we all know the reason why.

Switch still doesn't have more games than XO. Let's not kid ourselves there.

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TheSaint426d ago

My Xbox has been gathering dust for a while now, come on MS!

lelo2play426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Yep, Microsoft still think they can have good sales without AAA exclusives. They fail to understand that last gen X360's success was a fluke, mainly due to Sony's stupidity.
Unless Microsoft changes their business strategy, they going nowhere. X1 will sell less and less every year.

Phil Spencer started out well... but now he's doing a pretty shitty job with the Xbox division.

Relientk77426d ago

Microsoft did it to themselves

trooper_426d ago ShowReplies(1)
WickedLester426d ago

I know opinions/tastes vary from person to person but Geez-US, I am continuously puzzled at why some gamers just continue to carry that flag for Xbox. What is it? Is Halo THAT important to you? Is Forza THAT important to you? If so, hey more power to you. However I just don't see how anyone can objectively look at the 3 current platforms available and NOT come to the conclusion that PS4 is hands down the best gaming platform right now and it's really not close.

DJStotty426d ago

funny people bang on about not having many games but yet xbox fans arent recommending this on the request a service feature?

most people that complain about the lack of exclusives dont even own the plastic to play them on

Saijahn426d ago

as an xbox gamer, I couldn't agree more. They need to step it up because they've been lacking on good games for a while now.

GordonKnight426d ago

My X1 is more convenient than my PS4. With the X1X coming out in November, now Xbox is my console of choice for multiplat. With that said I still need my PS4 for exclusives. That's really all PlayStation has going for it right now. Exclusives! But what do I know I'm a Nintendo fan at heart.

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UCForce427d ago

That is bad for Xbox One. Without support eastern third party support and lack of first party games, Xbox One will be underwhelming. They can't make a comeback like PS3.

badz149426d ago

nobody in their sane mind thought that it would make a comeback ala the PS3

nowitzki2004426d ago

PS3 didnt make a comeback. It was released a year later so it was never behind really.

BrianOBlivion426d ago

I think it might also be bad for Playstation gamers as well if Sony decides to slack off because of dissipating competitive market pressure.
I want the Xbox to do well BECAUSE I prefer the Playstation.

DJStotty426d ago

exactly i want all platforms to succeed across the board as that is what moves gaming forward and companies strive to create something new.

If it was just Sony/microsoft/nintendo gaming would become stale as the companies without competition wouldnt even need to release a new console as they have nothing to compete with.

There has always been competition and this is what drives the industry, lose one wheel and it crashes

zypher426d ago

PS4 has been in the lead since the start of the generation. They've experienced little market competition, but it hasn't stopped them from delivering. I mean, you'd have to go back to PS2's glory days to find a year where Sony delivered as many quality exclusives as they did this year, and there's still 4 more months to go.

WeAreLegion426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

What everyone seems to forget is the PS3 didn't make a comeback. It was outselling the 360 from day one. It was winning the entire time. The 360 had a year head start.

2pacalypsenow427d ago

Also people are prob waiting on the XBOX X

Razzer427d ago

I'm betting most Xbox One X sales will be to existing Xbox One owners.

slasaru01426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

nope. existing Xbox one users live in rose tinted glasses lalaland, where everything is fine and lots of games and they think 900p is great. XOX was made for gamers that are not satisfied