NieR: Automata Director Yoko Taro Responds to Hideki Kamiya with His Own Message of Thanks

Yoko Taro responds to Hideki Kamiya's message of gratitude for NieR: Automata with his own thanks to the staff at PlatinumGames.

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FallenAngel19842476d ago

I hope Yoko Taro could make a possible Drakengard 4 a standout title

PhoenixUp2476d ago

Damn straight Yoko Taro better be thankful. The Drakengard series and its spinoff NieR were extremely niche titles that flew under people's radar until NieR: Automata came and brought more attention to the series and its director.

TheColbertinator2476d ago

Tons of respect for Taro and Kamiya

Pancit_Canton2475d ago

Here I am still waiting for Okami 2, God hand 2 and Viewtiful Joe 3

Venoxn4g2474d ago

you are not alone.. all those years I am waiting as well.. including Madworld 2 .. Bayo3 . Wonderful 101 (2) and MG: Rising 2

Pantz2475d ago

That's one way to communicate I guess

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XDefiant dev promises fix to frustrating hit reg issues, though players remain skeptical

Mark Rubin, XDefiant’s executive producer, responded to an X/Twitter post that fixes to hit reg “are something [they] are working on.” Unfortunately, it’s unclear when it will arrive, as neither Rubin nor the development team have yet to provide an actual time frame.

just_looken13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

Ha man what is this the 8th time they are working on this issue?

SO the game is using division one maps/assets with some divison 2 thrown in with that we can say they never really made the maps so what have they been doing for there 6 to perhaps 8 years of dev time? must be alot of hookers/blow/parties.


Notellin54m ago

It's astounding how much money they blow and this is the results. Gaming development is out of control.


The Alters Q&A - Creating a Game About the Roads Not Taken

Wccftech interviewed The Alters Lead Designer Rafał Włosek to learn more about the making of The Alters and its feature set.

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Pilestedt Teases Helldivers 2 Players With a New Aircraft Model

In a recent conversation with the fans on X, the CCO asked them for their opinion on a new Stratagem for Eagle-1. He engaged with the fans, praising their ideas, and everything was going smoothly until a fan named Nasdorachi shared their idea.