Tesco slashes Xbox 360 titles to under £16

Supermarket giant Tesco is flogging a selection of high profile Xbox 360 titles for as low as £15.97 in a truly shocking piece of next-gen price cutting that has raised fears of price deterioration on Xbox 360 products.

Even though Xbox 360 has been out for a little over a year, it marks a huge decline in game pricing from when the console launched, when the majority of titles were sold for around £50.

Square's Final Fantasy XI and Ubisoft's King Kong have hit the lowest-ever price of £15.97 at Tesco's online store, while triple-A Eidos duo Tomb Raider and Hitman as well as Activision titles Gun and X-Men are available for £17.97.

This latest piece of ruthless price cutting from supermarket giant Tesco will once again raise fears that price deterioration on Xbox 360 games is already setting in – not to mention the damage to the perceived value of the console's games.

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nice_cuppa5218d ago

it happens.

if there were only a few games on 360 it wouldnt happen but guess what !

there are loads of good 360 games out and coming.

this is something that happens with all products.

calderra5218d ago

Target has game sales like this all the time.
You don't see people screaming when that happens.

And it's titles like FFXI and King Kong.
Come on.

Madmax12819805218d ago

Its All The Crap Games Anyway Who Cares?

Alymon5218d ago

Again over sensationalism.

King Kong... oh no! Gun? OMG no... say it isn't so!

Launch titles and titles that didn't fare too well. Big surprise.

bighed035218d ago

those are all games that stopped selling or never really did. they lower the price to try sell these dusty games... people just look for paranoia, it's honestly disgusting.

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The story is too old to be commented.