GG: Shaun Of The Sheep Review

GG Writes:

"Visually the game is actually quite polished. While the DS isn't the graphics powerhouse of other systems, the art style of the show, the same company behind Wallace and Gromit, translates really well on the handheld. Even with no personal knowledge of the show I was able to recognize the differences between the characters as well as their personalities in brief moments such as when Bitzer tries his hardest to keep the livestock in line using only a whistle and some wild gestures. As part of my research for this review I watched an episode of the show and afterwards I wish the game had injected more of the show's humor into the overall package. There are glimpes of comedy such as the final sheep launching mini-game but these bits are few and when the game is over so quickly, they become part of a forgettable experience."

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