Crispy Gamer: I Survived Four Hours of Fallout 3, Part 2

Crispy Gamer writes: "My Fallout 3 experience continues. Fresh from the Vault I've been exploring the wasteland, killing and looting with glee. I'm purposefully avoiding Megaton and the quest that leads to my long, lost father. With me in spirit is Pete Hines, product manager from Bethesda Softworks. His commentary on my actions appears in italics.

I've turned my attention toward the buildings in the distance. There's a wrecked farmhouse and silo, and further out, I see the remains of a settlement -- a church house's steeple juts into the sky. At the farm I overhear two survivors discussing an oasis to the north. Not so friendly, they insist on killing me for eavesdropping. I arm the Flamer and torch the both of them. The ruins of the farmhouse, roof now collapsed and open to the air, are full of interesting stuff. In the hayloft I find a desiccated skeleton slumped before a working ham radio. I shove the bones to a side and take his chair, but I can't pick up a signal. Downstairs are a couple shelves of what passes for treasure in this dead land: a wood chipper and a bunch of lawnmower blades. The wood chipper is heavy, but it seems valuable, so I clear some room for it in my inventory."

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