Pokémon Unlikely to Adopt Breath of the Wild-Style Gameplay

Developer Game Freak is currently working on a core Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch. While expectations are high for Pokémon's debut on the Switch, the developers recently said that a huge open-world setting similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would not fit Pokémon’s gameplay style.

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naruga795d ago (Edited 795d ago )

and here they literally go completely retard...fing Why?? ......if Pokemon would become an open world well made Action rpg like BOTW , even i that i dont like the series i would buy it...this is basically what it tried to become in the firs place with the GameBoy titles ....Imagine hunting and collecting unkown Pokemon in a huge vast-land like BoTWs? would be a massive success and would be the substantial evolution the IP needs .....they r retards

RedDevils795d ago

That would instantly convert many Ps/Xbox owners to go out an buy the Switch just for that game.

Antnee534795d ago

It wouldn't be pokemon. They are better off making a clone of pokemon with the game you want in mind. You can't drastically change pokemon I know I wouldn't buy it like that

Eiyuuou795d ago (Edited 795d ago )

Open World? Hard to do with gyms and levels and stuff, but I'd be down for that. It would greatly improve upon the immersion.
Action? No. Turn-based all the way.

terrorofdeath795d ago

I was thinking more Ni No Kuni type gameplay.

Antnee534795d ago

Thank the Lord Jesus Christ that it wont. If they did that to pokemon it wouldn't be a pokemon game. I'm honestly fine with pokemon on switch being the same just way better graphics, steady 60fps, first party slot pokemon walking behind you, and a better post game.

jugo14795d ago

people like you are why pokemon fucking sucks now. Just the same garbage shit over and over.

Averyashimself795d ago

They could do this another series like Pokemon Ranger though! Im fine with the main pokemon titles being like the main original games just with better graphics and framerates. No complaints here from me.

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