Out of Eight: Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free Review

Out of Eight writes: "When last we saw our lovable anti-hero in Episode 1, Strong Bad had done his best to ruin the good name of hated rival Homestar Runner. Now he's up against the King of Town, who has issued an uncharacteristically evil email tax. The tax is both IMMEDIATE and RETROACTIVE, so Strong Bad is collared with a custom fit exploding necklace and placed under house arrest. Unable to send or receive a single freakin' email, Strong Bad is given no other choice but to escape, secede and start his own country of Strong Badia.

Vivid 3D characters faithfully recreate the look of the 2D flash-animated cartoon. Chalk it up to the simple design of Homestar Runner, but it's a thousand times more effective than Homer Simpson's eerie cell-shaded head in Simpsons Hit & Run. Unfortunately, some of the locations don't translate well to an adventure game. They seem sparse compared to the intricate, pre-rendered backgrounds of other titles. Where Strong Bad really shines is the dialog, wonderfully written and performed by the show's creator. The music fits the lighthearted mood of the series, and I'm especially fond of the Bleak House retro MIDI dirge."

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