4 more games including Batman arrive for Xbox One Back-Comp – Are they worth the return?

Carlos writes "So, by now many of you know how things work. Each time a backwards compatible game releases on Xbox One we take a look to see if they are worth returning to once more. Given the busy week Xbox has had with backwards compatible arrivals, we're here once more to take you through our thoughts on each of the new Xbox One BC games in order to see if these titles are worth delving back into once more, or if they are better off left on the shelf... or your install list, whichever you prefer."

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I don't know keeps on making these articles but every game that you can bring over to your new system is worth the return. I hope in the future no game is Left Behind a purchase is a purchase and everybody enjoys different things

LastCenturyRob526d ago

Yeah, why bother writing an article if you are just going to attempt to crap all over what you are writing about. I doubt this "journalist" own an X box

SlyBoogie1993526d ago

Actually LastCenturyRob, this journalist owns 4 different Xbox One consoles. More importantly I feel you've missed the point of the article. These articles aren't here for criticising games that have been brought over to Xbox One via backwards compatibility, but instead to give my personal opinion on which ones are still worth playing today in an evolving games industry. I fully appreciate there being value to any game that someone has brought, but nevertheless, with games changing so rapidly, and so many different games available, it seems improbable that we have time to play them all, and sometimes you can find something that offers a much better experience elsewhere. So this article is simply my own thoughts on If each game is worth returning to or not. It isn't a forced view, and it isn't fact, and i'm certainly not telling people what to play but it is my opinion. Maybe next time read the article properly.

Harmy666525d ago

If you had read the article it's asking are the games worth playing again, not is it worth bringing them to backwards compatibility. In that sense I agree with you 100%, every game that is added to BC, is worth it.

StuffAndThings526d ago

I don't see anything wrong with an article about somebodys opinion about which old game to play that can now be played ?

MilkMan526d ago

These backwards compatible games have been by far and large the stuff you would normally just pass by in the trash bin or the discount bin at your local game store.
I would personally forgo trying to snatch up triple A titles which seem to be out of MS grasp and focus on getting a strong lineup of excellent Double A (or B grade games). LIke Spaletter house, Never Dead and Lollipop Chainsaw.

I was excited when I heard about this initiative, Now I've mostly forgotten it and to turn on my Xbox.

RadicalCannibal526d ago

It's the button on the front which turns it on.

starbuck525d ago

Love love love Arkham origins such an underrated game. The boss battles are on point and the detective mode is excellent. It did have bugs when first released but I didn't get them on my play through and I had it day 1.