5 Ways Capcom Damaged Their Own Franchises

Cultured Vultures: Capcom has been having a shaky run in recent years - Matt shows us five recent blunders by the company to illustrate.

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I'll tell you how they damaged it they rushed out Street Fighter 5 as basically a glorified demo. I'm a guy that used to go to the corner store to play Street Fighter 2 in the arcade on my lunch in high school. That would save up money from crappy part-time jobs to buy the newest Street Fighter 4 Sagat Genesis or Super Nintendo. Bought the 3DO so I can have the best version of Super Street Fighter 2. Capcom Street Fighter 5 was a douchebag move it hurt your old school fans more than you'll ever know

andrewsquall524d ago

Yeah Street Fighter V in 2015 was the start of Capcom's downfall. /s

FallenAngel1984524d ago

Street Fighter V came out last year in 2016

Knushwood Butt524d ago

Yeah, the old school fans that can't handle playing against human opponents.

524d ago
Str8Chaos74524d ago

Yeah because you can't play against humans on any of those games he mentioned /s. Maybe you should change your name to head in butt.

Knushwood Butt523d ago

Do you play against humans in the glorified demo?

FallenAngel1984524d ago

"His breakout role in 2008’s Dead Rising"

Dead Rising came out in 2006 during Xbox 360's first year on the market.

"Had Capcom maintained the same shooting system used in Resident Evil 5"

RE6 allowed you to move while shooting, something you absolutely couldn't do in RE5. It's great that restriction finally got axed. Not to mention your partner's AI works a lot better in RE6 than it does in RE5 to provide a vastly better single player experience.

"Lost Planet and Bionic Commando aside, Capcom had very little experience producing action-oriented third-person shooters before Resident Evil 6."

You can't easily just write off the action oriented third person shooters Capcom produced to make a point.

On another note, it looks like Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is bound to alienate a lot of longtime fans for various reason as well.

andrewsquall524d ago

"Not to mention your partner's AI works a lot better in RE6 than it does in RE5" Yeah........... whatever you say.
Walking in RE6 and shooting was garbage and means nothing when your bullets in that game never looked like they were hitting enemies half the time.

Fist4achin524d ago

I think it's a well written piece. I agree with each of these points. I don't know why Capcom is making these poor choices in messing with a successful game formula like this!!!

InTheZoneAC524d ago

Capcom just isn't good at making good games. They need to die and sell off the IPs to Sony, let them handle it.

WilliamSheridan524d ago

I think it's more likely that Microsoft buys them. It would be a game changing move...

524d ago
WilliamSheridan524d ago

Nintendo can't afford the purchase and would be outbid if Microsoft actually wanted it. Plus the IPs don't really fit what Nintendo does.

I think Microsoft needs to act soon before someone else swoops in.

GordonKnight524d ago

Capcom is mostly a Japanese company with a few western style titles. Sounds like a perfect fit for Nintendo.

WilliamSheridan524d ago

Nintendo is more family friendly. I don't consider Capcom a family friendly IP owner

Thatguy-310524d ago

game changing in the sense that the franchises will suffer greatly. Sony HAS the studios that can work perfectly on them.

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Capcom has fallen off so hard since back in the day. I mean they have a treasure trove of great games they could release today yet they give us crap games. I think one of their biggest mistakes is not bringing monster Hunter to other consoles besides Nintendo. SF5 should not have been console exclusive. Whoever believes SF5 could not have been made without Sony is smoking some good shit.

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