PS2 vs PS3 1.10 vs PS3 1.5

A quick video showing some FFXII footage playing on the PS2, a PS3 running a 1.10 firmware, and a PS3 running a 1.50 firmware, which fixed the jaggies issues for BC.

Nice work, Sony

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DJ5220d ago

Best of all, these updates aren't bricking any console. Europeans are in for a treat when they get their hands on this system.

Sphinx5220d ago

give it a rest already. The updates on Xbox Live did mess up a few consoles, but not as many as you would love to portray. No one I know had any problems with any updates, or any problems with their consoles in general. Sh!t, you've said "brick" more times than PS3s have been purchased.

nice_cuppa5220d ago

now to find some blu-ray movies if you have hd tv and to buy god of war 2.

Arkham5219d ago

Quit yer spamming, boy.

Fanboys are gay5219d ago

DJ i am curious have you even bought a PS3 yet?

rowdy 15219d ago

and retailers are betting on selling more ps3's during tax season.