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Reviewer David Silbert writes: "A lot of effort went into crafting the world of Hyrule on Nintendo Switch and Wii U, and there are likely to be arguments to come regarding whether BotW's open nature has revolutionized or compromised the series that it is built upon. While I can only speak for myself due to the nature of the game's high level of freedom and non-linearity, I offer this perspective to those willing to listen: Breath of the Wild is an engaging experience that earned my respect and admiration over my 100+ hours of playtime."

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nitus101165d ago

Wait a minute. Bring out the pitchforks and tar this review wasn't a perfect 10/10. 😉

Tiqila1165d ago

The only ones complaining that BotW gets a 9 are those that believe a huge Zelda conspiracy is going on... All reviewers seem to be biased in favour of this game... Very mysterious, indeed.

Muadiib1165d ago

I found it to be a 7/10 at best, certain aspects of the game are a 9 sure, but overall I found it to be underwhelming and bland.

Prince_TFK1165d ago

BOTW is easily an 8.5 to 9 game. While the story is bland and the character is not very interesting, it is the size, scope, freedom, and gameplay mechanic of the game that made it one of the best games this generation has to offer.

Krysis1164d ago

The story was far from bland, it's one of the few games I ever collected everything in just so I could get all of the story. I would call it engaging.