HMV customers get exclusive Far Cry 2 missions

HMV has announced that customers who pre-order Ubisoft's upcoming FPS Far Cry 2 from them will receive an exclusive code to unlock four bonus missions.

The four missions are said to tell of the events leading up to the beginning of Far Cry 2's story, offering a backdrop to the Jackal's mysterious past.

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SullyDrake3788d ago

If so, they get my purchase over EB.

shine13963788d ago

that presumes theres a hmv in canada...i didn't realise HMV was a international company.

solar3788d ago

GameStop has 6 exclusive missions also if you buy your copy from them. as much as i hate GameStop...i preorded from them today. i want them :(

CBaoth3788d ago

yup me2 - this is a disturbing trend I see. First they got me to preorder 2 copies of LBP at different stores for the "exclusive" kratos & nariko skins and now bonus missions on FarCry2. I wont even get started on DLC, exclusive or otherwise.

solar3788d ago

im getting the PC version and would rather have bought it on Steam....but i want 3 more hours of game play. so i must lower my standard...

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DarkBlood3788d ago

im glad the mall has hmv and eb and cd plus n a bunch of kickass stores for games n movies from where i am in canada

f7897903782d ago

No way I'm buying this for my ps3. I want the pc version.