Unreal Tournament 3: It's Real

Punching home a message that Midway is coming to the next-generation with a full stable of goods, the Chicago-based publisher today announced that the game formerly known as Unreal Tournament 2007 is now Unreal Tournament 3. And it's coming to the PC, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 in the second half of 2007.

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nice_cuppa5216d ago

da de du du du du

another one bites the dust.

you go \/\/\/

DixieNormS5216d ago

Where you were going with DA DE DU DU DU DU. LOL. I love Epic and Epic Loves me back by bringing us this game to the 360. Either way we kind of knew it was coming, But now we know for sure.

power of Green 5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

I take all the sh*t i said about this title back! at first it looked cartoony but god dam! it has changed Holy! sh**!.

TheMART5216d ago

So whop

Didn't we all say it to ya Sony fanboys. That UT2007 aka Unreal Tournament 3 would come to XBOX 360?!

Now that Gears of War has hit over 3 million copies sold, there is no longer the problem that it would conflict.

Even better, they know 360 owners buy games, so they'll sell big numbers.

"Epic expands its love affair with Xbox 360. First footage and new details."

I love it. Achira, DJ, Jin, where are ya all saying Gears would have an answer by UT2007 'only' for PS3?

Well? And I bet Quake Wars will be on 360 also with John Carmack that likes the 360 so much.

Nice, just nice. When will MGS4 be announced for 360? Devil May Cry 4? Soon, very soon we'll here more I say

Rooted_Dust5216d ago

When was Unreal Tournament 2007's release ever questioned for 360? I always thought it was. You hardley ever see PC share a title with Playstation and not with Xbox. Also John Carmack and ID Software are not making QuakeWars, Splash Damage is, if it is going to 360 it's going to be a while.

BIadestarX5216d ago

^^^ maybe not by you. It was said many times by some fanboys how this games was going to be exclusive to the PS3 and how it was a lot better than gears. Well... to bad... Sony fanboys should be thankful they are even getting this game. Not every company is willing to trow money not knowing if they will make their money back.

zonetrooper55216d ago

I just thinking whether to buy this for my PC or my Xbox 360 as i should be upgrading my PC with 1GB stick of ram to make it 1.5GB ram and i'm gonna get a new graphics card.

TheMART5216d ago

You can now save yourself that 500 dollars by just buying it for your 360 and do something else for that money :) isn't that nice from Epic.

You have to love that company. They brought us Gears of War, now they bring over the PS3 'exclusive', it's too much this year on great games, just too much

spacetoilet5216d ago

Because although Im very interested in this on ps3, I probably wont be getting it as mouse and keys still blows console controllers away outright. For both fun and accuracy. ANd I read a recent interview with the developers and they were basicaly talking about the two different control schemes they are having to program. Which I think means they have thrown the mouse and keys idea out the window for console. A BAD MOVE imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.