Top 10 Worst Use of Open Worlds in Videogames

Which videogames took a sledgehammer to the open world format? Find out the games that annoyed Screen Critics the most.

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Nacho_Z431d ago

I thought the open world in LA Noire was a bit of a waste, it was competent but pointless. If there was anything worth doing other than progressing the story I don't remember what it was.

Lynx0207431d ago

Agree, boring driving through the empty city between missions was final game-killer for me.

-Foxtrot431d ago

High speed car chase...try to take short cut through someones back garden....indestructible fence

Goldby430d ago

Must have built the fence out of the trees from GTA

clevernickname430d ago

Completely agree. Apparently the open world in LA Noire was originally intended to be filled with characters that you could interact with and minor crimes to be solved but Team Bondi had such difficulty with the core game that the open world features were dropped just to get it finished.

Tross430d ago

I see. Thankfully the core game is still great IMHO, aside from the occasional animation glitch. I just opted to let my partner drive after a while as traversing the LA of the 1940s as presented in the game got old. The best parts were the main missions anyways IMHO. I believe there's stuff that needs to be done in the city to get the platinum trophy, but I just didn't bother as it was just too tedious. It has been a long time though. First and foremost I still regard LA Noir as an underrated classic that falls just short of greatness, largely due to its open world.

431d ago
agent13431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

MGS phantom pain's open world damaged the game a lot it wasn't necessary

Soulst0rmer431d ago

MGSV's open world was not needed. I spent that time just snatching up goats and baddies. Felt empty

-Foxtrot431d ago

Yeah it screamed Kojima wanting to make a new game but being stuck with MGS

It was a story which felt forced and wasn't needed.

Didn't help when the world didn't react to what you did, you could clear a base out from enemies then an hour later they'll be back at that base. At least let me clear the world out a bit. Then you have slow as shit vehicles and stupid fast travel options. I could go on...the fact it got worldwide praise and almost perfect scores baffle me.

430d ago
ironcrow2386431d ago

I thought true crime LA was a pretty decent fun romp plagued only by the painful length of time it took to travel anywhere :(

AmUnRa431d ago

I not agree that Fuel was a bad open world game. I played that game till dead. And also with my friends, whe loved it. I wish they make a Fuel game for PS4. I will buying it day one.

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