Ni no Kuni is now fully playable and runs great via Vulkan on RPCS3

The team behind the best emulator for Playstation 3, RPCS3, has released a new version and we are happy to report that the first Ni no Kuni game is now almost fully playable on it. What’s also interesting is that some flickering issues that were present with the Vulkan API have been addressed, and there have been some noticeable performance improvements.

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Prince_TFK432d ago

The fu*k? I thought these spammers are gone.

InKnight7s432d ago

What the full build of the require to run thing?
Intel I7 6700 cpu 350$ alone (the only thing mentioned in the description) I can get original ps3 itself with a ton of used ps3,ps2,ps1 games.

HowBoutDat432d ago

But you can get every single game ever made for the PS3 for free. I think the 350 pricetag is worth it.

InKnight7s432d ago

You cant run games based on cpu only you must have full computer you know 8 gb ram, HDD/ SSD or both, cooler, GPU, BD/DVD player, power supply, case, motherboard. That wont be anything near 350. However, the truth its amazing to run ps3 titles good job for seeing exclusives on PC.

TFJWM432d ago

You can get lots of things for free when you steal them....

LAWSON72432d ago

You mean the OG fat PS3 that are mostly broke and if not jerry rigged will break due to it being terribly designed.

Good luck with that. Also used PS2 and PS1 games that are old and great, are also well over $20 a piece.

Also you do not need an i7 for this, if an i7 runs it odds are an i5 (even older gens sold my 4670k for $130), or a cheaper Ryzen 5.

Aenea432d ago

If the alternative is illegally downloading the games and emulate them on a PC then you can just easily buy any cheap PS3 and jailbreak it...

kevnb432d ago

nobody is buying a pc just for ps3 games...

letsa_go432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

haha agreed! This is probably one of the stupidest arguments I have seen on this site. With that same pc, you can play any pc game out, as well as any console you want, up to the wii u! (minus xbox consoles) You can go on the internet, learn programming, write letters & spreadsheets, record music, watch movies, etc etc etc.

KillZallthebeast432d ago

You could just support the devs by getting the real game

HowBoutDat432d ago

Like there's still new copies of this on shelves or any other PS3 game really for that matter 😐 Better to support yourself by not wasting money and giving it to gamestop which wont support the devs anyhow

LAWSON72432d ago

They are getting plenty of that by selling cheap overpriced CEs by slapping a limited quantity on it to add the value it does not have. Seriously $200 for that subpar CE may as well be highway robbery, people go at Nintendo for the shit, but I don't see them making cheap $200 CEs that should be $100. Namco Bandai pretty much scalped their prices themselves.

Buying the game used or new at this point is meaningless anyways. Also you can actually dump your PS3 games to a PC, so they can actually buy the game and legally play it on their emulator. If they want people to show their support just release a $60 version of it on PS4 and let people throw money at it.

KillZallthebeast432d ago

Ni no kuni had a collectors edition that sold out almost instantly in japan. It was indeed limited.

Razzer432d ago

I have a hard time believing folks are going through all that if they own a PS3. Some are, I guess, just to see if they can, but I'm guessing this is mostly just piracy.

KillZallthebeast432d ago

I realize the people downvoting me are likley just pc gamers but at least do any research first before saying stupid things I can immediatly disprove.

Prince_TFK432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

That is not what I hear from this site when BOTW got emulated.

Yeah let support old game on Sony console while pirate new game from Nintendo. Classic N4G mentality.

leoms432d ago

wow, what an amazing excuse for piracy, well done.

Prince_TFK432d ago

Except it is not my excuse though. I don't condone piracy like some people here.

Razzer432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

That is because you are taking different opinions from different people and generalizing them across the entire site.

N4g doesn't have a single "mentality".

But otherwise I agree with you. Piracy sucks. No matter what platform.

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