New WWE 2K18 Vs. WWE 2K17 Comparison Images Revealed; The Difference In Visuals Are Insane

ThisGenGaming says "New WWE 2K18 Vs. WWE 2K17 comparison images prove that WWE 2K18 is going to be the best looking WWE game ever released with new face scan technology, lighting, and more showcased. The difference is insane."

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BLAKHOODe432d ago

Looks great, except Orton looking like somebody smashed his face in with a shovel and he's forever stuck making duck lips.

GameBoyColor432d ago

oh man, that's great. I like the sim gameplay they just need to make the ai smarter.

fastNslowww432d ago

whats the point, the gameplay will still be fucking stupid....go back to the earlier, simplistic gameplay mechanics.

GameBoyColor431d ago

that's what fire pro is for, no need for 2 arcade type games

Cmv38431d ago

Maybe he's referring to the crap submission system.

Prince_TFK431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

I freaking hate the new submission system. Go back to the old mashing button system, or at least find something abit more intuitive.

GameBoyColor431d ago

^ yall know you can switch to the old school mashing button system right?

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jbrock11431d ago

Need to tone down the physiques like NBA 2K did this year. Randy Orton is looking way too jacked.

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