Microsoft continues to work on Halo Xbox One backwards compatibility

In early July, Microsoft gave big news to Xbox One players: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4 will hit the backward compatibility program. Now, 343 Industries calmed the fans' impatience and commented that they are still working on this feature.In a post on Halo

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Krysis524d ago

MCC is the only way to go. I like that they are giving the option but if you want those that bad then get MCC for 30 bucks and have a ball.

Concertoine524d ago

I still have issues with the MP. Such a shame

81BX524d ago

Same. Can't find a halo 2 anniversary mp match? Is no one playing

Profchaos524d ago

Mcc for 30 I've seen it frequently and brought it digitally for aud $6 so about $4 USd

Krysis524d ago

Then you sir got a fantastic deal. I only said 30 cause I figured it had to be at least half off. I paid 60 and have never regretted it.


Useless since I have Halo anniversary but cool for those who this will benefit

rockwhynot524d ago

Yay! Now I can play halo 4 again WITH ordinance. Can't believe the master chief collection got rid of such a huge part of halo 4s multiplayer smh

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