Action Trip: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Review

Action Trip writes: "For the uninformed, BiA is a squad-based tactical shooter, focusing on combat strategy and group tactics, as opposed to putting you into the role of a highly trained one-man army (like a majority of modern-day action games). Ubisoft promised few twists for the latest addition to the series, with heavy emphasis on realistic combat and characterization.

In Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway you assume command of a group of soldiers who were part of Operation Market Garden, which was regarded as the largest airborne invasion at the time. The purpose of the attack was to seize a corridor through Holland in order to punch through German lines. The ambitious plan became a shambles, since Hitler had his best units stationed in the area. They counter-attacked, destroyed the corridor and achieved what was to be one of the last great victories of the Nazi forces. Allied paratroopers who battled there named the corridor Hell's Highway. Sgt. Matthew Baker (you) and his squad were caught right in the middle of that mess."

+You'll enjoy the story, characters and the realistic squad-based combat

-Much of the experience is hindered by AI quirks
-Generally linear and repetitive gameplay

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