No Man's Sky: Update 1.3: Atlas Rises – A Note From Sean

Sean writes: "Hello, It’s been a year since No Man’s Sky first released, and it’s been an exciting, intense and emotional year for us at Hello Games. We have been quiet, but we have been listening intently. We've spent that year working hard on free updates for this game our team cares about so much."

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joab7771339d ago

We can keep bashing them, or for once be happy that a company has listened to us and made the changes that we asked for. Yes, it's best to always get everything right the first time, bit Im not gonna complain about a game I have sunk 100 hrs into and haven't yet played new content. Can't wait actually!

narsaku1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Yea they've made tens of millions of dollars and can all comfortably retire in 1 fell swoop because they were legally allowed to LIE to the entire world about their product and get away with it.

But hey, a year later it's a LITTLE bit better than it never was before.

Lets pat them on the back. <3


Dirtnapstor1339d ago

Whatever dude...that's not how making "tens of millions of dollars" works. Don't worry narsaku, they won't be retiring before you do. Sucks to see others successful eh? /s

narsaku1339d ago


Growing up isn't downplaying warranted criticism over a industry known con artist. Instead of tossing a rug over criticism, why not answer it directly in form of debate?

..The answer is you can't. You can only be apologetic over a con artist.

narsaku1339d ago



Now, while they've been reluctant to give real numbers, it's safe to say the game has made that tiny indy studio more money than they know what to do with... The one here who doesn't know how someone would go making that amount of money, is you.

Btw, what in the world does my success have to do with someone elses? You actually think I hate seeing people succeed?


I just don't enjoy seeing people lie and con through their teeth succeeding, then having fanatics blindly praise what they did without thinking.

"I like the game", isn't an excuse. It should be about, "They lied to everyone about their product, in a dozen different catagories."

Would you praise a car manufacturer who lied to you about your insurence policy?

NO. You wouldn't.


x_BlackRose1339d ago

Yikes, who abandoned you as a child?! Get over yourself

UCForce1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

This is about redemption of Hello Games. They will do anything to gain people trust back. Hello games stick their gut to fix their mistakes. Unlike Mighty No.9, that game broken and the man who behind that game just grabbed people money and ran away. Most of liars always run away, but few liars want a redemption by fixing their mistake.

KwietStorm_BLM1339d ago

They sold some copies of a videogame. They didn't hack the stock market.


slavish01339d ago

Developers like this, ark or publishers like Activision I will not support. Its sad people turn a blind eye to facts because the developer finally started doing their job. Id look at them differently if they gave massive refunds but that would require them to care. Supporting this sets a bad industry standard.

Dirtnapstor1339d ago

And how much of that 78 million do you think they'll get to keep?
I'm glad they actually did well with respect to the fact that they have been able to continue on and fix this game, a (seemingly) honest attempt to make things right.
Im not defending whether or not he lied. The fact is now, HG is regularly redeeming themselves.

MagicBeanz1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Wow I bet you're fun at parties.

Nacho_Z1338d ago

What about the fact that an independent investigation found them not guilty of intentionally misleading consumers? Sorry if that interferes with your desire to whinge.

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Shin-Zantetsuken1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Calm down man; it is just a game. If you didnt like it and felt disappointed then you probably got rid of it and that is the end of the story. No need to go on a crusade against the developers for the rest of your life. They were also found "not guilty" of lying by law so we cannot hold them responsible once the law have acquitted them.

I think they have received their fair share of criticism including a lot of embarrassment and humiliation over the past year. However, I think they have done much to redeem themselves by now and deserve a break from all the hate. It would have been another story if they just went silent and started a new project or closed studio and ran away with the money but they have been trying their best to fix the game. They at least deserve credit for listening to criticisms with an open mind and for their dedication to making the game better. They made a mistake but have been desperately trying to make it right so please give them a break.

SirBradders1338d ago

You ever been a restaurant or cafe and been given food that looks nothing like what's on your plate.

If not send me the details :-D

mike32UK1338d ago

I think the likely scenario is that they announced the game far too early, Sony were getting annoyed with the delays so forced them to release in a state that didn't meet their original vision... Stop acting like you know what actually happened. If you've ever listened to this guy in an interview you would know how genuine and down to earth he is - either that or he's a very convincing sociopath... I know which one I'd hedge my bets on

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PlayableGamez-1339d ago

No. Hello Games let greed outweigh bringing a quality product. If you want to support developers cash out and finish the product later, that is on you. I will not support such corporate slavery.

Imalwaysright1339d ago

True. As if this industry wasn't already an anti-consumer joke now I see some gamers celebrating that the content that should be in the game day one is given to them one year later and even more pathetic, I see them talking about redemption as if Hello games should be commended for not only false advertising but also releasing an incomplete and extremely broken game that I believe broke the record for more patches in less than a month after the release date. There are some truly pathetic gamers out there that deserve the anti consumer joke that this industry has become but unfortenately they ruin it for others that are sick and tired of this industry's underhanded business practices.

UCForce1339d ago

Here the thing, if Hello Game left No Man Sky with no supporting it, that would make them even worse. It won't make HG better neither. So they stayed here and fixing the mistake what they had made. Run away wouldn't help.

subtenko1339d ago

the game would be delayed for decades.... if we listened to you minecraft would still be delayed..... stfu and enjoy the free updates and make suggestions or gtfo

Razzer1339d ago

Turned a bad launch into a great comeback. Impressed with how hard they have worked this past year in the face of probably the most vicious backlash in the history of gaming.

narsaku1339d ago

You'd be surprised on what tens of millions of dollars made on lying can buy in order to help fix up your pos product.

Razzer1339d ago

Why the hell do you even care?

rainslacker1339d ago

You'd be surprised how many people would just take the tens of millions of dollars and just say screw it, I'm done.

But they didn't, despite the fact that no matter what they do is likely to ever redeem themselves in the eyes of some. Instead, they're spending at least part of that tens of millions of dollars on the product which people seem to want. It's late, but they are at least doing something right in the end.

Rimeskeem1339d ago

They made a lot of money, could have left the game like that. BUT NO. They are working their asses off to make the game better instead of abandoning it and taking the money.

Grow up.

Imalwaysright1339d ago (Edited 1338d ago )


Surprised about what? How many devs did what hello games did? How many devs did you see falsely advertising their game, not having the complete full priced game they talked about 1 year later even with updates and releasing a game that had at least 10 patches in less than a month after the release date? I can't think of a studio doing all this! Sure some guilty of doing one or another underhanded practice but so many at once? Not one studio comes to mind so I'm not sure what I should be surprised about.

Doing good? What's good about having a studio doing these things? Would it be good if every studio, publisher or dev did what hello games did? Is that what gamers want? Incomplete full priced games, "free" updates after 1 year that still do not deliver on everything that was promised, false advertising and extremely broken games? By all means keep enabling these practices and I'll be there laughing at your faces when you finally start complaining that more and more devs/publishers/studios pull their own No man's sky but on the bright side you'll have the functional games you paid full price for one or two years after their release date because that's the good thing that they'll be doing for you.

bluefox7551338d ago

As other have said: Grow up.

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opinionated1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

He caught a bad beat, I hope with their next game they employ better marketing. People with common sense could see what the game was after the 2nd trailer but common sense isn't so common anymore. The "play it to find out" marketing doesn't work on this dumber generation of folks.

narsaku1339d ago

Better marketing = not lying every time you open your mouth.

There. We did it.

opinionated1339d ago

Yes. Let the hate flow through you. It's sour Saturday after all.

narsaku1339d ago


I'm intelligent enough to see the forest for it's trees. Nobody ever said it wasn't a double edged sword. But at the end of the day I'm not the one getting scammed just to be apologetic to it like a fool.

You pretending by thinking you knew what the game was about based on a trailer to cover up being okay with being lied to about several key features of the game over the course of months isn't a good thing. No matter how you try to twist it.

..A sad day has come when people start praising being sold a product on falsities.

opinionated1339d ago

No, I actually did know what it was. I was called a troll when I told people what it was during the fever pitch hype levels. Ironically the roles reversed when I saw this dude being mercilessly trashed by the same exact people that called me a troll for pointing out the same exact things people were pissed about lol.

The 2nd trailer was the exact same as the first reveal trailer. It was blatantly obvious and it's clear people's hype clouded their vision and I already said he made a mistake by leaving it up to people's imaginations to guess what their game was. The MP was disproven before launch so no, I'm not an apologist and I don't have any sympathy for the crybaby haters. I laugh at them honestly. I didn't buy NMS because I knew what it was, I have no reason to even be a little upset, let alone have deep seeded hatred towards the fella like he assaulted my mother.

UCForce1339d ago

Sure, but a redemption is a right choice. Your extreme hate with this game. It's almost like psychotic level. I'm sorry to say like that, but your statement is act like that.

KwietStorm_BLM1339d ago

You can keep saying the same boring tirade over and over. Nobody cares. You sound like an ex girlfriend. Somebody else will love you. I promise.

subtenko1339d ago

they are constantly adding to the game, how about u wait mf or join the dev team (they wont hire someone like you)

rainslacker1339d ago

But you're not intelligent enough to see that he said that the MP experience wouldn't be what most people were expecting?

Seems your intelligence only works in places where you want to be right, and it allows you to lord it over someone else.

I knew what to expect from the game, and I only half listened to most of it before release. I got the game, and while it's enjoyable for a while, it was over hyped. People drew a lot of conclusions, and in quite a few interviews he seemed to say different things, but he was clear that the biggest thing promised wasn't going to be what people were expecting.

It's a sad day when people just can't let it go after so long. If he wasn't trying to give the consumer what they were expectiing, even though half of what people complained about was never promised to begin with, then why keep treating him like the scum of the earth? People act like he maliciously lied in order to perpetuate some fraud on the public. He just doesn't strike me as that kind of person. He strikes me more as a person who just isn't that good at interviews, or conveying what exactly it is he's trying to deliver.

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Chaosdreams1339d ago

No Man's Sky is becoming the perfect redemption story. Most developers would cut their losses and run (EA and Andromeda - recent example) but in Hello Games case, they decided they were going to make the game they wanted to make, even though they failed initially and were crucified in the eyes of the gaming community.

It says a lot about a group of individuals who make a mistake, and own up to it, especially when it's clear that these updates aren't bringing in profit, but rather, giving those who enjoy their product, more to love. It's saying, "You don't have to forgive us, or even trust us, but these updates are free, and you can do with them what you will."

Hopefully, those at Hello Games can sleep better, because their dedication has earned my respect, and I'm sure, the respect of many others.

narsaku1339d ago

You can't redeem cheating people by slow fixing a lie a year+ down the road after selling it to consumers on false claims. "BTW it's still a mediocre game, and a complete far cry from any other notable sandbox open world game that's popular right now."

People like Sean Murray in other industries like the housing/construction industry are what people call nightmares. They make shows about these scam artists smooth talking their way into selling their sub par craft and the poor people who pay for it and have to deal with it later.

Don't. Praise. Bad. People.

Nobody who's ~ever~ had any notable conscience would ever intentionally mislead people the way Murray did. If they're slow patching the game now, it's for their benefit, not because they care about you.

..I used to hear joke ass'd arguments about how, "he loves games so much he was just getting ahead of himself when he talked about it!!!"

Yea. That could have flied if the game was even remotely close to the vision he shared while marketing it. It's a year later, and it's still not the game he pitched... No mistaking it. He's a con artist and his facial ticks are a dead give away.

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UCForce1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

For example, Cole McGrath from Infamous 1 and 2. He was responsible for death of 1000 people in Empire City. You have your choice to redeem yourself or become a jerk. I choose redemption for Cold McGrath. People accept and gave Cole McGrath a second chance, but it was a long road of redemption. And yes, I compared two of them.

Edit : I did boycott of this game and Sean Murray about years ago. But I have to let it go and I dare myself to see if dev keep supporting NMS , they did and keep supporting the game. It called bravery and redemption.

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Skankinruby1338d ago

Lol bro, move on with your life

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TKCMuzzer1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Not quite sure he's a con artist and your anger over a video game does seem over the top. I never bought No Mans Sky as like a careful consumer I watched videos and read articles etc. So, he didn't con me but I never felt he was trying to con me.
Plus you are a bit contradictory, Con men don't try and redeem themselves, they move on and try and con someone else, as far as I can see, this game has had better support than most AAA titles. Does it make it right? No, does it mean we should keep condemning someone who is putting in effort to rectify that error? No.
Anyway you seem quite upset and I said previously its just a video game, I made a call based on what I could see and what I read, so could everyone else.
I would also like to point out the moral high ground people take, the reaction to this game produced a kind of response which was right in its intention but also showed how easy it to be the complainant and hide behind the online persona with barrage of abuse with out little comeback. These people could also be considered con men, trying to convince us they are mature human beings, even worse, mature gamers.

Trez12341338d ago

Yet im sure you praise Microsoft for turning things around from their initial always online console ideas and lied alot to justify it by saying stuff like the cloud would make it 3 times more powerful and when angry Joe asked the always online thing could be turned off, the dude said no but here we are.

So when big companies lie it's ok but with this company does it's " you can't redeem cheating People". It's clear you hate this game with a passion and that comes from the game not being on your console of choice, but please, let the people who were actually going to buy/play the game complain about it.

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zivtheawesome1339d ago

I really liked what they did but they really had no other choice TBH (unless of course breaking up the team and splitting the profits). If they just moved on to their next game no one would have bought it if they acted like NMS didnt exist. Trying to redeem their game for the fans was their only option in order to gain reputation

rainslacker1339d ago

I think they're adding things they never intended as well. Probably because the biggest thing they're accused of leaving out is what most people end up referring to when criticizing them.

It's gotta suck to be so excited for your game, particularly when it's getting so much hype, only to be greeted with unending vitriol over greatly exaggerated transgressions on the part of Murray.

While I know they weren't completely faultless, I think the non-delivery of certain features was mostly because Murray just wasn't that good at conveying what the game was. People would ask him about things he wasn't putting in the game, and he'd explain it in a way he felt was prudent, but not actually relevant to the game.....MP being the prime example. A lot of other things that people were expecting were just from their own minds though, and about half the list of things they didn't bring are laughable that they'd even include them.

I ended up defending the company at launch due to the rampant and excessive vitriol that was shown towards the dev at the time. I would have much preferred to not have done that, because I do believe that the game came up short on delivery. I would have loved to discuss the merits of what the game did have, but that was impossible in the face of everyone going on hell bent "murder the dev" type rants about how they lied, misled, scammed, and were nothing but con-men, as if they did everything with malicious intent.

Some people are still so into hating that they have to keep bringing it up, despite the fact this company is trying to make amends, which they really didn't have to do.

It makes one wonder, if nothing they do will fix it in the eyes of a bunch of people who want to hate, who will invariably get the most attention in the media in forums anyhow, then why should they, or anyone else in the future, bother to try and fix their mistakes?

I know it's nice to think they should get it right the first time, but I know there were reasons why they released when they did, and it had more to do with money than intent to release an incomplete game.

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