NBA 2K18 vs 2K17 Graphics Comparison

This is a good year for all basketball fans. We’re about to receive two great games. After one year of absence EA Sports will bring us back NBA Live and of course 2K will also come back with NBA 2K18 which gameplay trailer has been recently released.
Let’s compare it to previous edition of the game and see how much the game graphics has been changed.
As long platform running 2K18 edition has not been confirmed please be aware that 2K17 was recorded on PS4 Pro.

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C-H-E-F433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

uhm, 2k18 looks worst or am I bugging?? lOl I mean some areas look better but the lighting/tats/details look worse...

Garethvk433d ago

the players look fine but it's the arena and court details that make a difference.

C-H-E-F429d ago

I been playing live 18' this whole weekend, i'm switching over, that bit is better than 2k... it's like everything 2k been trying to do with little to no lag. YES i will be giving up the "My Park" but they have a "My Park Like" Mode on there, that will result in me not waiting 30 minutes to run a game of 3v3.

If yall haven't try out the FREE live 18' demo, it's definitely a step in the right direction. I was a little biased on the first game, "Pro Am game to 21" but after going into "THE RISE" campaign/career mode, I realized how much 2k was lacking, the gameplay, animations and story is already better and i'm just 6 chapters in.

Realplaya433d ago

Those graphics on the players look dope

timotim428d ago

Now that's what I'm talking about! Bring back NFL2K!!! Man, the NFL needs to get its act together, I haven't purchased an NFL game in 13 years and don't plan on doing so until Visual Concepts are allowed to come back to the grid iron.🤗

Foraoise432d ago

The one on the right looks a LOT better - is that 18? I hope so lol.