The Evil Within 2 Will Have Standard Aspect Ratio; Shifting Realities Will Be Less Jarring

Game Director John Johanas reveals that The Evil Within 2 will have a standard aspect ratio. Shifting realities will also be less jarring and more logic.

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The_Sage2117d ago

After that excellent trailer with the fantastic version of Ordinary World playing over it, I'm excited.

nitus102116d ago

There is actually no such thing as a "standard aspect ratio". The aspect ratio of 16:9 is actually an industry standard compromise for all the different aspect ratios available today.

If you have "standard definition" content (4:3 ratio) on a 16:9 screen you are going to get black bars left and right which IMHO is annoying, however, most modern TV's can stretch the image (looks like everyone is fat) or expand and clip (you will lose content) to fit the screen.

As for Cinemascope content (2.35:1 ratio) on a 16:9 screen you are going to get black bars top and bottom which IMHO is better than left and right.

Of course, you can purchase a screen with a different aspect ratio than 16:9 but you are still going to get black bars (called letterboxing) when viewing content which has a different aspect ratio to your screen.

Note: You can do a search using the words "aspect ratio" but you are going to get over 35 million hits. you would be better to add "screen" and settle for 2 million.

The_Sage2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

It used to really annoy me that people didn't understand that they were actually seeing more of the original image when movies were letterboxed on the 4:3 sets. I used to use two pieces of cardboard to block off the sides to show people how much of the image they would be missing if it were in 4:3. It was really dramatic in movies the were 2:35 or greater. I often used Last of the Mohicans as an example. There is an ambush scene where people are moving towards the middle from either side, and you could not see them at all in 4:3.