2017 Fall Games No One is Talking About

Today on The Xbox Dive, Chris and James talk about fall games that not many people are talking about. They cover things like Agents of Mayhem through A Hat In Time. What game are you most looking forward to this year that one was it talking about?

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neolego1295d ago

A game I missed during the show but wanted to toss out is Pinball FX 3. They have recently showed off the ET and Back to the Future tables and I'm super pumped for more Pinball goodness!

Yui_Suzumiya1293d ago

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is definitely one my mind because it's a prequel to one of my all-time favorite games :3

neolego1290d ago

Life is Strange was so very good! I really hope Before the Storm lives up to that same high bar!