PC World Review: Silent Hill Homecoming, Conventional Creepy

PC World writes "The preamble to Konami's survival horror game Silent Hill: Homecoming for Xbox 360 and PS3 is all swinging lights and latticed shadows, smeary blood splats and walls gone that peculiar glaucous color you find on the underside of unkept boats. A rock ballad pulses and thumps as we see the protagonist Alex Shepherd -- a special forces war vet -- fall through the floorboards of a house, crying for his brother. Flecks of paper mysteriously peel off walls and waft upward. Slow fans whirr in front of fiery, flickering portals. Silhouetted figures struggle with thrashing bodies on hospital stretchers. Nightmare segues into nightmare as reality churns like water poured into and out of a cup."

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