AMD's Ryzen Threadripper 1950X is significantly slower in games that the Intel Core i9 7900X

DSOGaming writes: "The first third-party gaming benchmarks for AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 1950X CPU have been unveiled and the results are quite disappointing. Naturally, we don’t really suggest this CPU for gaming enthusiasts, however AMD’s latest offer is significantly slower in video-games than its Intel’s competitor."

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These idiots are running 720p tests. the AMD hate from these fools is real

thisismyaccount1994d ago

I´ve seen other benchmarks like handbrake and the differences between the top end cpus were like within 6 seconds iirc (the intel having 10 threads less ...).

Seems that AMD has still not figured out how to improve the IPC. 10 Threads less and only 6s slower than 1950x (x265 encoding) .. dunno who´s going to jump for those 6s? And the Die size is another hot topic, the 1950x is nearly twice the size of the intel top cpu ...

What if Intel "glued" 2x i9 7900 together? 20 Cores, 40 threads ...nvm then people have to upgrade to a newer socket, again ... anyway like with the Vega GPUs (1stGen) a bit underwhelming imho, especially aimed at the $999 crowd was expecting A LOT more "Kaaaaboooom!" - "Peng!" with so many extra threads ... yet.

freshslicepizza1994d ago

When you lower the resolution it puts more emphasis on the CPU and less on the videocard.

RedDeadLB1994d ago

That's how you are supposed to benchmark CPUs.

KTF261994d ago

This is how you properly test the CPU on gaming
The CPU responsible of Draw Calls
and you can't test how much Draw Calls the CPU can do when the GPU is on full load. because the CPU will wait for the GPU to have some idle time to send new Draw Calls

on lower settings the GPU will have a lot of idle time so the CPU will keep sending Draw Call

for the time being it's not a big problem for most people
but for the future with more powerful Graphics Cards it'll be a problem even on 4K

RegorL1994d ago

Benchmarking a completely new architecture against programs optimized for another is not completely fair.
I expect a game like Battlefield 1 to have core specific options...
A new architecture might be wrongly detected as something really old, wait for patches or new releases!

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bluefox7551994d ago

Unfortunately, AMD never does great on the high end. Hopefully things are better than this article suggests.

Miss_Vixen1994d ago

They did dominate back in the early 2000 with their Athlon 64 against the Pentium 4.

FullmetalAlchemist1994d ago

That the Intel Core i9 7900X what??

john21994d ago

Typo, should be "than" instead of "that"

dark_1011994d ago

I’m not really sure why people will buy a $1000 TR + $1000 Titan XP to play games at 1080p in lower presets.. And yes.. I know that this just a benchmark. But this scenario is very unlikely to happen for the average consumer and even for enthusiasts.. You only buy the Core i9 7900X or the TR when you are going to utilize all the cores/threads available. Games don’t care about how many cores/threads you have (except for few) and games prefer CPUs with fast single thread performance (which is something that intel CPUs seems to do better than AMD).. And that’s why you see the 7700k… a $300 CPU beating both 7900X and the TR in gaming.. gaming using a TR CPU is like going shopping with a Bugatti Veyron.. Even though is not really meant for that you can still do it.. But not as convenient as a Toyota Prius

Asuka1994d ago

Clickbait af. Neither the core i9 or threadripper are for gaming, and neither of them are good at it for the price. 7700k and 1600x will give you better gaming performance for fraction of the cost.

I wish articles like these would stop getting approved here as it is clear the amount of ignorance is implied. Your average consumer, let alone console gamer, is not going to know what the f*ck you even use a HEDT platform for. These things are for people who are rendering, small server, virtualization, deep learning, or running CAD programs.

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