LaPs3 Little Big Planet Beta Giveaway

LAPS3 have 220 extra codes to giveaway to the fans so enter the contest above and try your luck. 50 winners will won beta codes inmediately and 170 be picked randomly, contest ends on Sunday.

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ericin3373790d ago

I want a beta code so can i please have one

scott1423788d ago

I want the beta key as well but i never find the key in time because i am always to late but please can i have the beta key for little big planet by the way this game looks like it is going to rule!!!!

Snypin3788d ago

hi wassup im snypin and well i want a beta code plz the game looks awesome i got a ton of ideas too. I beta tested a bunch of games and the new SOCOM game.So if you would be so kind pick me plz