Videogamer Interview: ELSPA's Michael Rawlinson on Piracy, age ratings, and Manhunt

Videogamer writes: "Michael Rawlinson has one of the toughest jobs in gaming. He's the general manager of ELSPA, the European Leisure and Software Publishers Association, which rules the roost over the games you play and the companies that make them. Not only is he faced with a government that's asking tough questions about how games are rated, but he's also got to defend the industry when the mass media start spouting sensationalist headlines about 'murder simulators'. And if that wasn't enough, he's also the bloke in charge of tackling video game piracy, too. Phew. We sat down with Michael to discuss all of that, as well as hear why gamers should write to your local MP telling them PEGI is a better choice for game ratings than the BBFC."

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