Soft PS3 Sales Spell Trouble For Electronic Arts

BofA comments on video game industry saying softer -than-expected demand for PS3 hardware could be an ominous sign given the historical success of third-party software sales on Sony's game consoles. Firm's recent checks indicate sluggish PS3 sales, despite much improved availability. They believe disappointing PS3 hardware sales are an incremental negative for all the game publishers. Firm reiterates their view that early 2007 could be a challenging time for publishing stocks and point to the soft demand for PS3's as evidence...

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darx5420d ago

I remember the fanboys saying when released it was gonna mop the floor with the 360.

Boink5420d ago

the ps3 may be a big part of it, but others have show that if you make GREAT games, you make money.

don't believe me EA? just ask campcom, epic, bethesda.

they made great AAA titles and look, THEY MADE MONEY!.

nice_cuppa5420d ago

on 360.

do you get it yet.

ea have paid loads of money doing ps3 games and wooops they aint getting it back.

scriptkiddie5420d ago

Maybe EA can get into the Blu-ray movie bussiness. Then they can make tons of money, Since no one is buying games for the PS3.

PS3 fanboys only buy movies because they have no good games for their console.

Eternal E 8085420d ago

i have no pitty for EA or sony they both do things the same way.

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