5 PlayStation Exclusives That Were Cancelled and Forgotten

Jonathan wrote: As a gamer, the most heart-breaking moment for me is when a company announces a cancellation of a game. Building that hype the first time we saw from the trailers down to the gameplay and their release dates, then suddenly was cancelled due to some major or even minor issues are a shitty moment that I really …

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gangsta_red1403d ago

Developers cancel games!? This can't be right?

Lol, every one of these lists always seem to have Thrill Kill on it, I think we can find more recent games than just that old one.

XisThatKid1402d ago

Besides Thrill kill was fun but Wu Tang Shao Lin style (the game it eventually became) was a way better game.
Was 2Days to Vegas going to be an exclusive?

FallenAngel19841403d ago

I'm surprised Deep Down doesn't just get announced to be cancelled at this point

jobboy1402d ago

My greatest complaint... i'd loved to play that game :(

nveenio1402d ago

Yeah, I had been excited about Deep Down, but it's biggest thrill for me was the tech, which is too far aged at this point. Not sure how they would make it appeal to me again when games like Bloodborne exist.

LP-Eleven1402d ago

Some said the same of The Last Guardian. I'd give it more time before writing it off.

1402d ago
LP-Eleven1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

@ Woolly_: I suggest you go infest other articles, pal. Majority of your posts are an absolute waste of time.

freshslicepizza1402d ago

The Last Guardian was written off for me and every other PS3 owner. Not sure what the status is of Dreams but it also seems to be MIA.

However Sony has the luxury to carry on with tons of other games.

FinalFantasyFanatic1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Considering the amount of time, I did consider it a dead game at the time, I think most people had little expectation of it actually getting released. Having said that I haven't played it yet since I only got some new games this week. As for the other games of this list, haven't even heard of any of them except Silent Hills/PT (I really wished they had released that).

LP-Eleven1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

@moldy: For you, I'm sure. But please don't lump yourself in with reasonable PS3 owners. You have no idea what "every owner" thought and you would find something negative to say even if Sony paid your bills. So stop.

@ FinalFantasy: I didn't. And that's my point, don't make assumptions based on silence. The Last Guardian is just an example.

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rainslacker1402d ago

I don't think it's been officially cancelled has it?

Probably has been, or at least put on hold.

LP-Eleven1402d ago

Nah, it hasn't been cancelled. Last I heard, there was some development hurdles to get over for Capcom, but it was still chuggin' along.

MagicBeanz1402d ago

lol, completely forgot about that game, which is a shame cause it looked good.

jeremyj29131402d ago

I really wish they would say something about that damn game. I'm sick of getting my hopes up during every gaming event just to end up disappointed. It would be better if they would just let us kno it has been scrapped or something. I really want to kno what happened to the Panta Rhei engine that the game was being developed with.

subtenko1402d ago

like the last gaurdi-......

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Thatguy-3101403d ago

They need to bring eight days back

Ashlen1403d ago

They list 5 games only one of them was from a Sony studio and 3 of them were from prior generations. And one of the PS4 games was so obscure i hadn't even heard of it. And the other one was PT which was a Konami thing.

xX-oldboy-Xx1402d ago

But the headline can read "5 PLAYSTATION GAMES THAT WERE CANCELLED" - it's only to give uninformed trolls more ammunition.

A certain company has console releasing soon, expect to see misinformation.

PlayStation_51402d ago

No one will ever be able to forget P.T., no matter how hard they try...

I'm probably one of only a few thousand people that has this horror masterpiece on both the original PS4 and PS4 Pro, including multiple backups on external hard drives just to ensure that this "game" lasts forever. FucKonami! : )

Knushwood Butt1402d ago

How can I move it from my ps4 to my Pro ?

yellowgerbil1402d ago

Not to ruin your day... but you might wanna try playing you copy of pt...

PlayStation_51402d ago

@Knushwood Butt

@yellowgerbil (that's been up Knushwood's Butt)

That's bullshit! Not only does P.T. still work perfectly, but you can even re-download it with a proxy server...

Angeljuice1402d ago

My copy erased itself entirely. I thought I was losing my mind until others stated the same.

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Ethereal1402d ago

I don't think Silent Hills was forgotten. Many games have been inspired by it's vision and not to mention many still have the P.T. demo. It lives on in other games.

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