Sony Using PGR3 Screenshot to promote Gran Turismo: HD

The Sony PSP Connect Website is currently using a screenshot from the Xbox 360 title, "Project Gotham Racing 3" along with info for Gran Turismo: HD.

How embarrassing...

Update: Sony has now removed the image but you can view a screenshot if you scroll down to story images.

Source: Evil Avatar

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pshizle5223d ago

they lost the mp3 market and now they will lose the console market as well


peksi5222d ago

Their advertising company screwed up badly. Someone's gonna get spanked :)

Mr Murda5223d ago

Because PGR3 looks just as good, if not better than GTHD and it was released a year earlier on an "inferior" machine (according to Sony).

Silver Bull3t5223d ago

This board is about to CATCH FIRE!!!! haha this should be entertaining....

Silverwolf5223d ago

That's was funny! Sony needs to do some MAJOR restructuring when it comes to there employed staff.

JOLLY15223d ago

I mean come on that game has gorgeous graphics. Too bad it took so long to come out on the 360 (oh wait, it was a launch title). Unfortunately there is no damage (opps, my bad, I was wrong there also). Oh well gt has way better graphics. All those spectacular cars on screen at once (aka 1) and all those gorgeous buildings where you can see all the shadows (oops, there are only a few building?). Well they have spectators! As long as you have spectators to watch your driving (not racing, gt is a driving simulator, read your gt box correctly). Oh crap, pgr has spectators also (even the real kind, it's called pgr tv) Dang gt is a great game!

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The story is too old to be commented.