All Walls Must Fall Dev Hopes Gay Nightclub Gameplay Will Be a ‘Meaningful Experience’

J Station X: All Walls Must Fall developer Inbetween Games hopes that the game's gay nightclub gameplay will offer a 'meaningful' experience for players.

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Cy488d ago

There's no such thing as a meaningful experience at a nightclub, gay or straight.

Knushwood Butt488d ago

Some of the best / most memorable times of my life were in clubs.

I still have memories from over 25 years ago.

Last went a couple of months ago. Meaningful? I forgot about daily life and instead spent several hours focusing on music I like in a pretty cool venue. Plenty of meaning for me.

Goldby488d ago

The meaning of life is happiness, experiencing life in the moment and not holding onto the past or worrying of the future. Doesn't matter how or where that happens just that people can find those moments in an otherwise busy life

BadElf488d ago

Will it be as fun as the GTA Vice City Night club ?