NHL 18 vs NHL 17 Graphics Comparison – Best animated crowd?

Cyckiewicz writes: "NHL 18 has received an Open Beta for consoles and thanks to that we can already check what new have EA Sports prepared for hockey fans.
It is also possible to confront the game graphics with last year’s edition of the game, so without further ado let’s compare NHL 17 running on Xbox One S and NHL 18 powered by PS4 Pro.
One thing cought my eye for sure – crowd animation. It’s always nice to see that Devs are attached to details so they are preparing things that may be overlooked by the players. Look closely on 2:30 minute of this video and see what I mean.
How do you like NHL 18 overall?"

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ghosted1540d ago

Noticed no difference during the beta, this confirms it. Oh well, they should be going to the Frostbite engine next year.

Weeblordbad1540d ago

It looks like they're using the exact same models for a lot of this, which is pretty disappointing but not entirely unexpected.

As for them moving to Frostbite, the EA Canada team that works on the NHL series is a fraction the size of the team working on Fifa. Sean mentioned moving to Frostbite, but with NHL being the red headed step child of the EA Sports line up I don't see that investment being made....I also maybe don't trust them to get the physics somewhere that isn't busted on a new engine, I still have bad flashbacks of NHL 15.

Duke191540d ago

In motion I really don't think you will notice a difference here... (Side by Side comparisons and its hard to tell)

Avalanche1540d ago

joe louis arena.....the wings arent gonna play at LCA in this years game???

sampson31211540d ago

they should release new games every other year and just ad roster updates in between.
i would pay $20 for the yearly update but paying $80 for a few improvements and a roaster update is highway robbery

OC_MurphysLaw1540d ago

Hard to really see a difference for the most part, although is it me or does it seem like the video for 2017 is playing at 2x speed vs 2018 at normal?

dmonee1540d ago

I noticed that too. But towards the end of the video, it looks like they speed them. both up side by side. Other than that, it looks like the NHL 18 crowd looks a little more relaxed.

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