Other DC Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Games

While I love Batman and the Arkham games, it seems that DC has been placing all their eggs in one bat-shaped basket by putting all the focus squarely on the Dark Knight. Here is a list of those other DC heroes who deserve their own games.

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PhoenixUp2127d ago

It's basically an insurmountable challenge for any developer to make a quality game that takes place in the DC universe that doesn't feature Batman at all.

chrisx2127d ago

A constantine and wonder woman game by rocksteady would be awesome

Nodoze2126d ago

Wow a Constantine game would be fantastic. I am awash in visions of a great game. It would not be for everyone due to the subject matter, but man it could be great. While I am not a K Reeves fan, I did like the movie.

Wonder Woman might be interesting, but I would love to see a Green Arrow origins game.

vivid832126d ago

The Constantine tv series was much better I think they'd make a solid game with that version

vivid832126d ago

Make a Wonder Woman game similar to bayonetta or dmc and I'd buy it

yeahright22126d ago

Batman's oversaturation has become a bit of a problem.