Dragon Quest I, II, and III - New Screenshots For 3DS Version

Square Enix & Nintendo have released new screenshots for the Nintendo 3DS remakes of Dragon Quest I, II, and III. All 3 games will also be coming to PS4.

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Shadowsteal1500d ago

3DS for me.

Not sure why they're not putting it on Vita or at least Switch?

InTheZoneAC1500d ago

Makes no sense why all 3ds games aren't available on the switch. I have a 3ds with no plan for a switch, but it doesn't make sense

GamingCompass1500d ago

Yeah I'm not sure why they don't do that more. Though I wouldn't be surprised to see the 3DS gone within the next 1-3 years if Switch continues to be a success.

Shadowsteal1500d ago

Some games are on both like Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Dragon Quest 11.

But something like Samus Returns would be incredibly welcomed on the Switch. I'm not sure why Nintendo is still putting exclusives on the 3DS.