Is The Xbox One X A Better Bet Than The PlayStation 4 Pro?

Some developers swear up and down that the Xbox One X has more power than the PlayStation 4 Pro. But does that make it a more obvious choice for gamers? WWG weighs the factors.

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Zero_Suit_Samus1413d ago

“Is The Xbox One X A Better Bet Than The PlayStation 4 Pro?”

PS4 Pro is $100 cheaper, has better exclusives, and more variety of games. So the answer is no.

Kribwalker1413d ago

Better exclusives is an opinion. Everyone likes different exclusives better. Me, I'm not a fan of dark souls or jrpg styles of games and more into shooters, which exclusive wise in that genre, Xbox is better. Racing as well this gen, Xbox has been getter rated and better exclusives.
PlayStation has been the better platformers genre exclusives for my taste, ratchet and clank and crash bandicoot are solid in that respect to me and got me to buy my PlayStation
The switch has the best action adventure game so far, BOTW, but right now Sony has more quality ones and they win that genre on that in my opinion.
That is why I like to have them all. Then I can literally get all of the best exclusives, that are the best in my opinion

S2Killinit1413d ago

Yeah not at this point. Its a fact when the gap gets this big.

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notachance1413d ago

yeah, I don't see why people can't have multiple consoles when it's totally fine for them to buy $60 games over and over and have 4K TV.. that sh*t's expensive man, don't say you can't buy a $250 console if you can afford that

FinalFantasyFanatic1413d ago

TBH, Sony has the most diversity when it comes to game genres so it was top priority for me when choosing a console, next console purchase will be Switch so I can get the remainder of the best exclusives. I want Halo but it's not enough for me get an Xone just for that one game (maybe Gears as well).

JaguarEvolved1413d ago

I like the xbox one a lot and will be buying a PlayStation 4 around gran turismo time and I can say with reason that the xbox one x will never be better than playstation 4 or PlayStation 4 pro.

I know some fanboys think having a more powerful console automatically makes it better which is like thinning playing bad games on a more powerful console makes the game a lot better. The Xbox one and one x lacks exclusive titles and the ps4 and ps4 pro have an abundance of exclusive titles that are highly rated.

If the argument is about which console is more powerful then the xbox one x is more powerful on paper but it hasn't displayed anything that looks better than the order 1886 or horizon zero dawn for ps4. PlayStation has genre defining games and the xbox one doesn't. Xbox had amazing games last generation

Kribwalker1413d ago

I never said having exclusives is an opinion. I said having lots of good exclusives is an opinion. If I don't like a genre, then in my opinion those exclusives don't matter to me when I make a purchase.
Again, if there's 20 souls type exclusives or jrpg type exclusives and I don't like those kinds of games then the gap isn't that big to me, which is why it is an opinion.

steveo1234561413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

exclusives don't sell console though whatever you might think

let take horizon, 3 or 4 million copies sold, in a 60 million strong user base?

And this is one of your best 'exclusives'?

Horison isn't even in the top 10 as far as ps4 game sales go.

Its the multiplats from 1 -10 all the way through

So.... if multiplats are what 99% of consumers are buying, surely a big chunk of those consumers want to be playing the best version of it

I'm not trolling, just putting a logical opinion forward - I might be completely wrong

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CoinOrc1413d ago

The reason multi-platform games are bestsellers is because casual gamers overwhelming buy games like Call of Duty and Madden. Casual gamers aren't going to shell out $500 just to play slightly better looking multi-platform games especially when the regular PS4 only costs half of that. If casual gamers always want to play the best looking version of multiplats regardless of the costs, then the PC versions of multiplats would always be the best selling.

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S2Killinit1413d ago

Xbonex is a better bet if you have been living under a rock this whole generation.

synistatha11413d ago

Name me 5 big xbox exlcusives not named forza halo and gears games that would make me want a xbox been waiting months for a answer and nobody seems to be able to do it

bennissimo1413d ago

It's not just about exclusives.

Xbox Live is a better service (though Sony has made strides toward improving theirs), and the Xbox controller is just better for some games.

It'll be the same for me as it always has been: PS for its exclusives, X for its exclusives and all multiplats, and Switch maybe in the future when Metroid finally releases.

S2Killinit1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Live is no longer the better service. PSN is the better online service currently. Have you not noticed MS is desperate for cross platform online? Its because they dont have enough players online to support all online capable games.

Sitdown1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Ummm, you asked for 5 exclusives.... Why can't Halo, Forza, and Gears not be listed? Don't people purchase an Xbox because of those titles? Way to restrict the criteria to serve your needs.

Your logic doesn't make sense.....Live isn't better because less people use it? Huh? Adding features mean you aren't good? What?

S2Killinit1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Umm yeah. Live isnt better when there arent enough players in its forums. Make sense?

xXISHROOMZIXx1413d ago

You've got to be slow or a kid. Live is better.
I've had both systems, and I can tell you, psn is NOT better than live. Now psn has been getting better itself, but live still conquers it. Between stability, features, and updates to the service, it's a no brainer that live is the better service...

CoinOrc1413d ago

Live is not better than PSN. Controller preference is entirely subjective. I actually prefer the DS4 with its symmetrical joysticks. If you have a 4k TV, don't have a gaming PC, don't already have an Xbox One, and want to pay $500 for a mid-gen upgrade with better looking multi-platform games and no exclusives, then by all means, buy an Xbox One X. If you want a console with award winning exclusives and have access to the same multi-platform games, then just buy a PS4 or PS4 pro.

S2Killinit1413d ago

Yeah neither. Just observant. Live isnt more stable, and it doesnt have as many people playing on it. So, thats a fact. Yeah?

gangsta_red1413d ago (Edited 1412d ago )


"Have you not noticed MS is desperate for cross platform online? "

Provinding games with more cross platform play has nothing to do with the actual fact that just goes to show how Rock solid their service is to actually provide this across all consoles...something Sony won't do and I bet it has in part to do with their own weak infostructure.

"Its because they dont have enough players online to support all online capable games"

Is this why they keep bringing out more mp focused games...because they don't have enough players online to support them?

Dat logic!!!

S2Killinit1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

MS hasnt brought anything so please specify. Secondly, its telling that last gen Sony was pushing for it, and MS was refusing it. Did MS not have the "infostructure"?

Dat logic!!!

gangsta_red1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )


"MS hasnt brought anything so please specify."

Over half of their own games past, present and future has an online component or deals specifically with online play. So exactly how can they not have a large player base when they continue to focus on online games? (We get concerns of no SP games daily)

And to point this out further where exactly are you getting your info that the player count is in trouble and this is why MS wants cross platform play? How exactly would that benefit MS? Players would still be playing on PS4 consoles, the content bought would still be bought from the PSN store meaning Sony would still get a cut from the purchases made. MS would still get player count numbers regardless since they own the IP and it's on all platforms and yea...dat logic.

"Did MS not have the "infostructure"?

Maybe MS didn't, which is why they are doing it now...what's Sony's excuse? Did they go backwards with their "infrastructure"?

And Sony never pushed it, they said they would be up for it but made no real push for it like MS has done up to this point. So again, why the back track unless they were bluffing then and called out now?

All this and still your point doesn't make any sense on why you believe PSN is better than Live.

S2Killinit1412d ago

such a rambling of a comment. I must have hit a nerve.

Doesnt even have to make sense anymore does it?

What are these MS games you speak of? PLEASE SPECIFY.

And to answer your question: because people are buying Playstations because they want to play multiplayer games with their friends, who have, guess what? Playstations.

MS "pushing" is basically a PR campaign to put pressure on Sony, that is all. Sony already has cross play with PC btw, but they wont share their player base with MS just because MS is spending money on a PR campaign. I guess Sony is more concerned with making games than PR campaigns.

leeeroythe3rd1412d ago

Xbox live is still much better than psn. Download speeds and connectivity are much higher and consistent . Only way you say otherwise is based on not using live.

Bruh1412d ago


Bruh gotta stop licking the Sony sack. XBL is objectively the better network, its won an award against PSN for faster network service and reliability. Also cross-play is a good thing for everyone, trying to spin it as a negative shows your fanboyism that much more

Grow up

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Tech51413d ago

from a power and value perspective the Xbox1X offers much more than the classic Xbox1 model. the jump from 900p to 4k is a massive gap. in comparison to the ps4 pro, you can still be satisfied with the classic ps4. even though the ps4 pro model will also show visual upgrades, the classic ps4 model may show parallel qualities. the Xbox1X sounds like the ultimate upgrade.

jlove4life1413d ago

I agree tek but the question is xboxx better than ps4pro not gap comparison from base model to mid gen upgrade however you look at it the question is opinionated personally i would use this check list where more friends play ps4, better operating system xbox, powerful better visuals xboxx, better services [shareplay remoteplay psplus games psnow]ps4, game sales ps store, best peripherals ps4, exclusives ps4, more games im interested in ps4, price ps4pro, online xbox, winner ps4 7 xbox 3 PlayStation has more than double things I like than xbox bonus point sales more chance to play and meet gamers ps4 wins again thats just my opinion

dcbronco1413d ago

Jlove did you really just list PsNow as a plus. That's a double subtraction. BC on Xbox is a much better option going back the entire lifespan of the brand. For free.

Making your Xbox your home unit gives you access to all your games anywhere. And remember Xbox streams to PC and with a Snapdragon 835 and up your windows phone is a PC.

Xbox has incoming VR/AR units. Far more potential than simple VR. Exclusives are subjective. I don't play many indie or Japanese games so you don't get me there.

The thing is it works for you and that's good. If they ever launch Deep Down I might be in. Until then I don't see a reason to buy PS. Price is a matter of priorities. You could always work extra hours to get an X. It's worth it.

dcbronco1413d ago

Jlove I also forgot the standard and Elite controller on Xbox are far better. The PS controller has never been a comfortable fit for me. And Sony has no answer for the Elite. So peripherals are definitely in Microsoft's favor.

BLizardXD1413d ago

the Xb1x is the best of both upgrades. it offers the most out of the box.

1413d ago
Rude-ro1413d ago

😂 at the fake accounts.
Too funny.
Keep up the hard work... Microsoft needs your help.

philemond20101413d ago

Define variety? And better? I am curious

rainslacker1413d ago

PS4P is a sure thing if you want a plethora of games with sufficient power that may or may not get support from developers depending on title. X1X is a rather risky bet that may or may not get a change in the game release paradigm, and may or may not get support from developers depending on title.

So, I'd say that PS4P is a better bet since we know what to expect, and MS problem is their actual game line up. So unless one is into MS releases specifically, there is not much reason to get X1X unless they just absolutely need that last bit of extra pixel quality that I guess they can't get through PS4.

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ApocalypseShadow1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

A better bet at what? More potential looks or more potential **games**? As a gamer, which one would you choose?

Death1413d ago

I would choose the platform with the most games that I want to play. More games are only relevant if they are games you want. For some it is the PlayStation, for others it is the Xbox.

ApocalypseShadow1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Which I can't deny is true.

Only thing is that one company is providing more options to choose from, has more developers backing them,thinks about a worldwide community of gamers and not just parts of the globe, thinks about the whole year to release games and not the final three of the year. And, does it with less money than the one that has way more funds to do so but doesn't.

I'd invest more in the company who invests more back and then some. Not with the one that has to be pushed to do so.

bolimekurac1413d ago

oh cmon, during ps3 years it was bone dry for years and then they started with good games and the same happened with the ps4, the first 3 years where not that great with exclusives

MrEnglish1413d ago

I'd choose both Pro and X.

Best of both worlds, PS4 for exclusives and X for racing and 3rd party.

Why miss out over mindless loyalty

synistatha11413d ago

that makes no sense why buy 2 consoles just to say u did thats a waste of money

GeddyThePolack1413d ago

I already have a Pro and One S, but I plan on getting a One X exactly for this reason.

Zero_Suit_Samus1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


“I'd choose both Pro and X.”

“Best of both worlds, PS4 for exclusives and X for racing and 3rd party.”

“Why miss out over mindless loyalty”

Because not everyone can afford $1,000+ for both consoles including online services if you choose so.

And $500 for an Xbox One X is a big price to pay just to enjoy slightly better looking/performing 3rd party games.

MrEnglish1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

To the guys saying it's too much to own both then I hope I don't have to read comments from you bashing the other console you don't own, whichever it is.

According to most on here they own a top of the line gaming PC.

And Synistatha how can that make no sense? You get to play ALL games across both systems. If anything your reply made no sense.

MadPandaSkills when did you go hands on with the X to make your comparison?

Quick edit: MadPandaSkills makes it out to be price that means he won't be buying an X, but a quick look through his comments history shows that isn't the case and is just a hater of the Xbox. Your comments are now to be taken with no seriousness from here on out

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XiNatsuDragnel1413d ago

At this i said the beaten horse one. So to change it up get both and STFU already

ElementX1413d ago

I think the X will be supported longer than the Pro because it has more capability

Profchaos1413d ago

Not necessarily it's mandated there is to be no exclusive games for both the x or the pro all titles must be playable without sacrifice on the base model xbox one and ps4

WilliamSheridan1413d ago

No but if it ever becomes lead platform, games will perform better on it. You'll definitely see exclusives, you'll see

DivineAssault 1413d ago

Im glad you pointed that out. Microsoft was also very misleading with that conference at E3 touting "Uncompromised 4K" lying their asses off to consumers.. Good console and all but i have my doubts it will use the horsepower effectively for every scenario.. I hope im wrong so i can get one, but we all know how them money hungry bastards operate.

Shadowsteal1413d ago

That makes no sense. Every game that releases on the X has to run on the OG hardware as well.

ElementX1413d ago

No, next gen games will probably be supported on X. It'll be the bargain price console. The One will probably be supported 2 more years.

Aenea1413d ago

Ah, so when in 2019 the PS5 releases which will obviously be way better than the One X, Xbox fans will have to wait 2 to 3 years before they get their next gen console??

WilliamSheridan1413d ago

But they won't have to wait 3 years for a market base. It'll be fully compatible with both generations of games and will be seamless. PS5 will have to launch and start all over.

Razzer1413d ago

Why would PS5 be starting over? If it is still x86 based then it will be compatible with PS4, more than likely.

1413d ago
Aenea1413d ago

@william @razzer

This is not about PS5 needing to start over, this is about MS not introducing a new console until 2/3 years after Sony introduces the PS5. That's what ElementX is suggesting, that the One X can be supported longer...

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FinalFantasyFanatic1413d ago

That might not be the case though, Microsoft dropped support for the 360 too early in my opinion. That and games have to run on the vanilla versions of each console. Personally, I predict the status quo will stay as is.

Rude-ro1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Psssst... that would then be the first console to longer support.
Also a hint, when their answer this gen was pr lies that led to a new console to compete with nothing new to play.... whatdo you think their answer will be for sonys new machine? It's not going to games we all can tell you that for sure.

rainslacker1413d ago

If this notion of no generations stays in effect, that may be true, as the OGX1 will likely be phased out, and the X1X will become the lowest common denominator in the equation when the X2 releases.

If not, then I expect that when the X2 comes out, that the current gen will be dropped much quicker by MS, compared to Sony which continues to offer up support after releasing a new gen, and the X1X may not have the install base to warrant developer support on a high level anymore than we'd see for the stock X1.

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