How PS Now Could Be a Big Step Forward for Gaming

As gaming hardware increases to more expansive technology, providing large amounts of content with spectacular graphics and gameplay, game files and install data grows larger and larger in size. Along with a cry for a drop on the price tag of popular titles and gaming developers looking to put a halt to the used game market, streaming services step in to potentially douse a few fires with Sony’s gaming app, PS Now.

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Death438d ago

I really hope that the future of gaming isn't the removal of all ownership rights and an always online service.

Apocalypse Shadow438d ago

Yeah. Good thing that that didn't happen *this* gen. Always online. 24 hour checks ins. Removal of all ownership rights. Even being watched.

The 10th Rider437d ago

I mean, none of that did happen, thankfully, because people spoke out against it. I guess going from that if people don't want an always online gaming service to become the norm they should speak out against it too?

monkeyporn437d ago

I hear you I've always tried to get the hard copy of the game no digital downloads for me

crazyCoconuts438d ago

It could have been a big step but sometimes Sony can't seem to figure out how to take great technology over the finish line. Where are the Android/iOS clients, marketing, multiple devices? Except for the lack of buttons, the Vita client works brilliantly, yet it's getting discontinued. I really don't get what Sony is doing here. I don't want to stream old games in low resolution on my ps4 pro/4k, but I'd be happy to do it on a portable.

PhoenixUp438d ago

PS Now will always remain an interesting alternative, nothing more nothing less

FallenAngel1984438d ago

It'll never be the definitive next step

Kallisti437d ago

720p streaming with artifacts, PS Now needs to take a big step forward in it's streaming quality first.

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The story is too old to be commented.